Best Vale Gameplay Tips in Mobile Legends 2022

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Not only the build, you also need to pay attention to the best Vale gameplay in Mobile Legends 2022. Because this hero is very good in the right hands.

We would suggest you go in the mid lane when playing as a Mage. In this new laning system, tanks will not always be available to help you. According to the type of damage and skill combo, we can break it down into three parts. 

Our Vale gameplay guide covers the perfect game plan to win a ganking match in Mobile Legends. However, you must need a good understanding of the map to be able to get Savage.

Game Vale MLBB

Early Game

Game Vale
Early Game

Buy two magic necklaces, because they run out quickly, so if you use demon shoes with an Emblem Mage then the portion of which you produce will increase. Mid lane is perfect for you to level up quickly. 

Do not leave your mid lane for the next four minutes after starting the game. Use skill 1 and skill 2 to clean the minions.

Try to take the blue buff if the jungler doesn't need it. Skill 1 is a bit difficult to aim at, so use the bush to measure your skill line, and when it's perpendicular to the enemy use it. After reaching level 4 try to rotate in the Top lane to do a successful gank.

There are lots of advantages that you get when taking this lane. You rotate faster and have a large farming space so you get rich quicker.

The focus of Vale's gameplay in the early game is farming to enrich yourself, protect the turret and destroy the opponent's turret. In this phase you have to play barbarians, this hero has great damage.

Mid Game

Game Vale
Mid Game

Don't try to farm alone with Vale's gameplay. This will drain mana, not only that it will also waste a lot of time and Exp. This is the perfect time to shine on the battlefield, so every time you do ganking try to stick to a Tank/Fighter. 

Try to focus on building core items, such as immortality. In this phase, Ultimate has longer CD and Fleeting times are also missing, but don't panic.

When your Ulti is on cooldown, use combo skill 2 and skill 1 to harass enemy heroes. Skill 2 CC makes it easy to cast skill 1. Damage Skill 1 is very important at this stage to kill the enemy carry so don't auto-cast it.

Late Game

Game Vale
Late Game

At this stage now you can use vale as an assassin. He can deal massive damage if he reaches his max level and his item build is complete. Try to hide in the bushes and wait for the right moment.

When your Tank or fighter starts a team fight, always make sure that your ultimate includes the enemy team's damage dealer, don't waste it on tanks.

Wait for the enemy to use the blink skill first, because your Ulti takes 1.5 seconds to complete the damage.

We've already told you that you can use different types of combos and build it up according to the situation, but in this case, we'll show you how it works.

  • Skill 2 (crowd control effect)+Skill 3 (CC effect) + Skill1 (damage increased)

In this situation try to hit most of the enemies with skill 2 then use ultimate on them. If some of them try to escape or survive ultimate damage, finish them off with skill one. If you miss skill 2, don't use unnecessary ultimate.

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Always target and lock enemy heroes with the lowest durability first, don't waste skills on Tank heroes.

From above, we can clearly see that Vale's gameplay base damage is too high to destroy the enemy's life, but he is very fragile near enemy damage dealers. So don't play aggressively in the early game because too many deaths will make you useless. 

Try to build your stack faster to increase your attack. Loud stun, silence is very bad for vale.

When you increase your damage output, build magic damage items first. Don't try to increase the area effect of someone's skills unnecessarily, because this hero depends on his damage coming from Skill 1.

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Vale's gameplay tips will definitely help you guide easy wins with him in Mobile Legends.

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