The Easy Way to Get the Latest 2022 Free FF Diamonds

Free FF Diamonds

Currently, many players are looking for easy ways to get free ff diamonds so they can buy premium and cool items in the game.

There are two types of in-game currency available at Free Fire MAX, gold and diamonds. Both are used to get attractive skins in battle royale games.

While the former can be obtained by completing several in-game tasks and missions, the latter is a premium currency that needs to be entered into the Free Fire MAX ID by spending real money. Diamonds are a must for gamers to take more valuables.

Not all gamers can afford diamonds because they are much more expensive. Therefore, a large number of players are looking for an easy way to get free or reliable diamond ff to get this valuable currency.

Easy Ways to Get Free FF Diamonds

Diamonds are the premium currency in the Free Fire game. This is an important part of battle royale titles as it is required to acquire a large collection of in-game items such as collectibles, characters, pets and more.

It can be obtained by purchasing it with real money. For some players, diamonds are very expensive, because they are looking for an easy way to get diamond ff for free. On the other hand, spending money is not an option for other people, and they are looking for free alternatives.

Weekly Or Monthly Membership

an easy way to get free ff diamonds
Free Fire

Weekly and monthly memberships in Free Fire MAX give gamers more diamonds at a lower price. Listed below are some more details about this offer:

Weekly Membership

450 diamonds (100 diamonds instantly and 350 diamonds through check-in). Other rewards such as Discount store privileges, EP badges and more worth 425 diamonds.

Monthly Membership

2600 diamonds (500 diamonds instantly and 2100 diamonds through daily check-in). Other rewards include Discount Shop privileges, EP badge worth 3550 diamonds. Rewards must be claimed via daily check-in for seven days and 30 days for weekly and monthly membership offers respectively.

If players have both active memberships, they will get an additional 15 diamonds daily during this duration. Membership is even more cost effective than a 100 percent diamond top up. However, users have to wait for a month to get all the diamonds.

Booyah app

an easy way to get free ff diamonds

An easy way to get free ff diamonds is to use the Booyah application. Operated by Garena, the Booyah App is a trusted platform where Free Fire MAX gamers can collect hundreds of free diamonds every day.

All they have to do is login to the platform and bind their FF ID. They must then complete various tasks to win diamonds, such as taking part in Watch-To-Win shows and clip contests.

The platform also rewards users with rare and desirable in-game items after completing certain tasks.

Special Airdrops

an easy way to get free ff diamonds
Free Fire. Source: Dunia Games

Developers regularly offer Special Airdrops to mobile gamers, from which they can buy diamonds for as low as INR 10. Special Airdrops usually consist of rare skins like bundles, emotes, gloo wall skins, weapon skins and diamonds, numbering up to 300 .

However, these offers are rare. Users have to play this game continuously and wait patiently to find them.

Google Opinion Rewards

an easy way to get free ff diamonds
Booyah Adha 2022. Source: Gadgets Now

Google Opinion Rewards allows users to submit their honest reviews and opinions on various topics through surveys. They are compensated with a certain amount of Google Play credits per survey.

The amount is fixed in the Google Play account and gamers can use this to buy the appropriate diamond offers in Free Fire MAX. They can easily enroll in Special Airdrops and Weekly membership offers with their earned credits.

Interested players can download the app from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for Android and iOS devices respectively.

Getting diamonds for free takes time and effort. Players can easily rely on apps like Google Opinion Rewards. This app has more than 50 million installs on Google Play Store.

Users need to set up their profile in the app and answer surveys to collect the Google Play credits needed to buy diamonds on Free Fire.

It can be difficult to collect credits directly for top ups. Hence, users can wait for the Special Airdrop as it is available at a lower cost and much higher value.

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Free Fire Advanced Server

an easy way to get free ff diamonds
FF Advanced Server July. Source: SPIN Esports

Advance Server is a temporary client server that allows mobile gamers to enjoy upcoming features and events in Free Fire MAX. Servers generally go live a few weeks before the official patch update.

Advanced server users can test optimizations and new features and report bugs and glitches to officials if any. After a valid report, the formal team will reward users with thousands of diamonds.

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Candidates are required to go through a registration process to register on the Advance Server. OB36 Advanced Server is coming. Therefore, interested users must register quickly to gain access.

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