Dragon Age 4: Gameplay, Characters and Release Date

After a long wait, finally Dragon Age 4 or what is known as Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, is ready to take you soaring.

By playing this game, of course you can find a broad story, interesting characters and very exciting gameplay.

This game is rumored to be released soon this year. So, for those of you who are curious about this game, let's take a look at the review.

So, get ready to return to adventure, face new enemies, and determine the fate of Thedas once again!

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Dragon Age 4 gameplay

Dragon Age 4
Dragon Age 4. Source: Steam.

Information about the game mechanics of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is still minimal. However, post BioWare has provided a glimpse into character development and customization in its February 2023 community update.

The latest post from the Dragon Age: Dreadwolf blog reveals a revolutionary skill tree system. Players will have the freedom to build their characters in a way that is not tied to traditional classes.

Luke Barrett, system design director, explains that this skill tree is full of “lots of unique nodes.” These nodes will allow players to develop their characters in a variety of ways, not just improving stats.

This system provides incredible flexibility for players to create characters that suit their playing style. Do you want to become an agile and deadly wizard?

Or perhaps a strong and unwavering warrior? You can create everything with this new skill tree system.

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf's non-linear skill tree gives players incredible freedom to build the character of their dreams. Unleash your creativity and create unforgettable characters on your adventures in Thedas.

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New Character

Dragon Age 4
Dragon Age 4. Source: YouTube.

Although information about new and returning characters in Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is still under wraps, some interesting clues have been revealed. Solas, the Dread Wolf, and Varric the storyteller are confirmed to return in important roles.

Solas, the mysterious figure who is the focus of the Inquisition story, seems to be returning as the main antagonist.

His role as Dread Wolf, the god of deception in Thedas mythology, will be key to the story in Dreadwolf.

Varric, the cheerful and humorous storyteller, is also predicted to return. His iconic presence and relationship with Hawke and the Inquisitor in the previous games made him a fan favorite character.

Solas and Varric's return marks an interesting reunion. Their interactions in the past were always full of dynamics and humor. Most likely, they will again be involved in an adventure full of danger and mystery.

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Release Date

Dragon Age 4
Dragon Age 4. Source: YouTube.

Even though there is no definite date yet, Bioware has provided a leak through its new teaser. Fans can expect a “full reveal” of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf in “summer 2024,” likely sometime between early June and late August.

This reveal will most likely be accompanied by a release date announcement. If we're lucky, this game might be released at the end of 2024. However, we should not have too high expectations and wait for an official announcement for more accurate information.

While the official platform hasn't been announced yet, there are a few pointers we can consider. Firstly, the release date is still quite far away, namely in 2024. Second, the Gamescom 2020 clip shows this game using “next generation technology”.

Considering these two things, it is very likely that Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will not be released on PS4 and Xbox One. More likely platforms are PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.

However, this is still speculation and there has been no official confirmation from Bioware. Let's wait for their official announcement to find out what platforms will support Dragon Age: Dreadwolf.

Dragon Age 4: Dreadwolf promises a fantastic gaming experience for its fans. With freer gameplay, exciting new features, and a thrilling story, this game will definitely be one of the best RPG games in 2024.

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