RAM Download History of Memes, Understand This!

Download RAM

Owning potato devices sometimes forces us to always be creative in finding solutions, one of which is downloading RAM.

Whether it's a computer, laptop or smartphone, basically everything requires additional memory to increase productivity and gaming.

However, this RAM download raises many questions. How can it be downloaded, even though RAM is a physical object.

Therefore, to dispel this misconception, we will try to explain what is interesting about this discussion about the history of downloading RAM. 

What is RAM?

Download RAM
Computer RAM. Source: Pexels.

For those of you who don't understand, RAM stands for Random Access Memory. By definition, RAM is a data storage area when a computer or laptop is running and you can access it randomly.

Meanwhile, in general, RAM is a temporary storage area when the computer is working. This type of memory is also not permanent.

This means that when the computer is turned off, the RAM becomes free again, and it will be used and restarted during the program.

For example, when you enter a document using Office and close it without saving it first.

Well, the registered documents will be stored in memory RAM. We can also open a document from the latest Microsoft Word report first.

RAM download history 

Download RAM
History of RAM downloads. Source: PeakD.

If you already understand IT or technology issues, you will immediately understand what we are talking about in this article. 

Yes, downloading RAM had its own meme back in the late 2000s. However, before it becomes a meme, there is a bit of history that is worth learning. 

Apparently this started when a user named SpcMs posted a forum on if he could download RAM for his computer.

The reason? He received information that his computer was full of various applications he was working on.

Within five minutes, another user named DMBand0026 replied to SpcM's message. Where explains that memory or RAM can't be downloaded at all because it's a physical thing, not an app.

Well, in the world of the internet we don't know if this question is really out of ignorance or just out of concern. 

In 2005, the RAM download site again became one of the most popular community groups for computer lovers, namely Overclockers

A user called lucasp asked the same thing, “Where can I download RAM for a computer“, to the extent that many other users are also doing the same thing on other major forums.

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Until finally an official site was born to make it easier for those who need more memory, called DownloadMoreRAM.

This site lets you download alternative storage for your favorite devices. The amount varies and can be adjusted according to needs.

After being widely circulated on various forums, the joke finally spread to Yahoo! The answer, which unfortunately can no longer be found in that post.

However, at that time, all of these tools "only" installed on the computer. And what seems to be doing games downloading RAM, has now penetrated into smartphones

Actually, this is good news for gamers. Especially for those of you who need high RAM capacity. Not for playing games, but for work needs in terms of multitasking when opening a browser with many tabs. 

According to primbi.com, the site turns out to appear incorrectly and is indeed “FAKE”. There are no sites to download RAM at this time.

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