Code Atma, Idle RPG Game Made by the Nation's Children

Code Atma
Code Atma is a game group with an Idle concept RPGs Made by homeland developer Agate Games from Bandung. In collaboration with Telkom, Melon and Oolean. Code Atma tells about the legends and myths and horror that developed in society. Of course, this Android game chooses Indonesian as the language of instruction. It is said that Atma is an astral being that can possess the human body.
Code Atma
Mixed Gameplay
So everyone actually has an Atma according to their emotional state. And only Seekers can control Atma using Asterisk. Player will
plays the role of a Seeker who will adventure with the power of Atma. At first glance, the concept of this game is like Pokemon or Shaman King but refers
in Indonesian mythology.
Some of Atma's names include Pocong, Banaspati, Duyung, Wisanggeni and Sembrani, Gatotkaca, Ngepet Pig, White Crocodile to Anggatri. Despite carrying a mystical atmosphere, the developer has succeeded in presenting a frightening ghost figure in a cute and adorable character. Armed with Asterisk and accompanied by Atma troops, players can go on an adventure exploring mystical realms, then fighting
with other mystical creatures.
Atma in Code Atma will travel while hunting the evil Atma. In this adventure, players will get various rewards. Player
You can also find diamonds that are useful for summoning new Atma. Code Atma is presented in portrait format so that players can also see it
run it using only one thumb. Code Atma also has an RPG concept so players will adventure according to the storyline with a turn-based battle system. In total, 4 playable story chapters are provided which are very tense and exciting. Playable character
You will be given various choices throughout the game.
2D Visuals
Code Atma is of course not a game that presents realistic graphic quality plus amazing visuals. The graphics presented are 2-dimensional style. Even so, in terms of art style the appearance of the image is quite satisfying starting from the depiction of the characters, the background and also the visual accessories. All images are designed and designed by Indonesian artist who is not inferior to foreign production. In addition, even Code Atma
adding music that fits the mood described.
Feature Loaded
The more features a game offers, the more fun it will be to play. Code Atma also has lots of interesting features. For example, there are 112 Atma that players can collect using a summon system using diamonds or tickets. Players definitely want to be able to collect as much Atma as they can. Code Atma also presents a feature for running summons. Then there is also a feature to upgrade the Atma that has been collected to make it even stronger, namely utilizing soul and gold. The stronger the Atma you have, the more fun it will be in the mission to conquer the evil Atma in your adventures.
Then don't forget, there is a menu available to combine Atma's strengths to finish upgrading other Atma stars. The menu is called Atma Synth. Furthermore, a Blacksmith menu was also found to strengthen Atma's equipment. Players can also explore
various Locations prepared in the City feature for example Tower, Store, Fight Club, Errand and Labyrinth. The feature opens automatically if it does
already qualified.
Acting as a Seeker, players can also determine Atma patterns when fighting. Each Atma has its own skills and elements. Player
must be able to arrange the formation so that it is balanced, for example the placement of tanks, mages, archers, warriors, and also support. The pattern of the elements of the Atma too
quite crucial because it was found that elements that are stronger than other elements but less strong against other elements. For example the Atma with the fire element is of course quite strong against the wind element Atma but is powerless against the water element.
Game Code Atma combines the past era and contemporary technology to offer the sensation of exploring a mysterious dark world. Code Atma is without a doubt a very good game made in Indonesia. it is only fitting for Indonesian gamers to support it, namely downloading
then play it. The more people who play it, the more popular this game will be on the Play Store. What are you waiting for, just slide
to the Google Play store app.
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