Choice of Hero Fighters for Ranked Mode in ML Season 20

Ranked mode

Finding a fighter hero for ranked mode in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in season 20 is indeed easy. However, we will provide several names that you might choose to use in this competitive mode. Remember, the abilities possessed by these heroes are also good enough to help your team win every game.

However, you have to learn first to use it in other modes such as AI, custom or classic. This is so that you don't look 'noob' when playing solo or with your friends. Bearing in mind, the level of difficulty of these heroes is certainly not the same. No need to linger, we will soon convey the information to you.

These are the Hero Fighter Options for Ranked Mode

  • Chou

Having been around since the initial release of Mobile Legends, Chou is still the main choice of hero players with role fighters. The reason is, you can make this hero the most powerful semi tank when you place him as an offlaner. Plus, it's supported by its 'all arounder' style.

However, there are still players in this game who find it difficult to direct and use their abilities. However, his ulti skill is actually very scary for enemy core heroes. Because it would be very easy for Chou to kidnap and kill him.

For the build items used, you can use Warrior Boots, Blade of the Hepteaseas, Blade of Despair, Endless Battle, Queen's Wings and Immortality. The others, the Assassin emblem (High and Dry) and flicker as the battle spell used.

  • Paquito

Has similarities and differences that are not much different from Chou. Paquito, who is shown as a boxer, is relevant enough to be an offlaner in season 20. More dominant with his offensive style, you might find it quite difficult to be able to use his abilities. Moreover, the ulti he has is even more difficult than Chou.

Unfortunately, Paquito's name in this season is also more often included in the banned list for Epic tier and above. Because, the damage done was also quite painful for the hero released last January. Inevitably, it will be very rare for you to be able to find it or want to use it.

For the build items used: Bloodlust Ax, Warrior Boots, Endless Battle, Queen's Wings, Brute Force Breastplate and Hunter Strike. In addition, you can use the Fighter emblem (Festival of Blood) and the battle spell 'execute'.

  • Bane

Once a useless hero in previous seasons, Bane has now become one of the strongest fighters in Mobile Legends. This can happen after this character gets a significant revamp and buff at the end of season 19 yesterday.

The proof is, there are lots of players who often choose Bane because his second ability and ulti have now been changed to magical rather than physical abilities. As a result, these hero players now often choose build magic which will make Bane's abilities hurt even more when entering the late game phase.

What's more, you can put this hero into the gold lane at the start of the match because that can make you immediately buy and make all the magic items.

Recommended builds: Tough Boots, Clock of Destiny, Lightning Truncheon, Oracle, Divine Glaive and Winter Truncheon. Then, you can use the mage emblem (mystery shop) and flicker as the battle spell used.

  • Guinevere

Even though she didn't actually get buffs and nerfs in previous updates, Guinevere remains an annoying hero this season. The proof is, there are players who often complain when they meet this hero. Maybe, you will often see Guinevere become a selected subscription and get banned when she is at Legend tier and above.

On the other hand, there are advantages and disadvantages that you should know about. The advantages possessed by this hero are mobility, anti cc effects, a pretty good initiator and his very scary combo abilities. Meanwhile, the drawbacks are that it is very difficult to play (especially for novice players) and you have to know about the combos of the team used.

For the build items: Arcane Boots, Concentrated Energy, Calamity Reaper, Holy Crystal, Feather of Heaven and Genius Wand. Others, you can use the mage emblem (mystery shop) and execute it to become the battle spell.

  • Argus

It is undeniable, Argus has now become the strongest fighter hero this season. The shine of the hero who gets the nickname as a death taker can occur after getting a revamp. Of course, this change makes him often become the first choice after being marginalized for a long time because he lost to the presence of a new hero in the same role.

To note, now this hero is very strong during the early and late game phases. What's more, you will find it difficult to beat him when this hero is full of items. Remembering, his current ult ability is also stronger than the previous one. Therefore, it will be difficult for you to be able to counter this hero, for example when you meet in ranked mode.

As for the build items, you can use Swift Boots, Berserker's Fury, Raptor Machete, Scarlet Phantom, Blade of Despair and Demon Hunter Soul.

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