Top 5 Characters With Passive Skills For Battle Royale FF Season 25 

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See 5 characters Free Fire the best with passive skills that will help you rise to Heroic in the new FF Season 25 Battle Royale.

The new FF Season 25 Battle Royale has just arrived. All players' ranks have been reset and they can start increasing their ranks again. There are several factors that can affect your journey to the Heroic rank and choosing a good character is one of them.

Free Fire has a huge list of characters, each with their own passive or active skills. You can equip up to 3 characters with passive skills at once in Free Fire and they are very helpful if you choose the right one. Here are the 5 best Free Fire characters with passive skills for Battle Royale FF.

Best Character For Battle Royale FF 

Season 25 for the BR (Battle Royale FF) mode recently started, and users can start leveling up to get various prizes. However, there are several factors that affect the success of push rank.

Among the most important aspects is the overall character selection. Due to their unique abilities, which can essentially change the course of the match and give the user an advantage.


Battle Royale FF

Jota is one of the best Free Fire characters for players with an aggressive playing style. The passive skill allows you to run over enemy HP when shooting enemies.

Apart from that, you also get 20 percent of Max HP back every time you defeat an enemy. You will be able to keep yourself somewhat healthy after each encounter.


Battle Royale FF

Awaken Moco is one of the most used characters in Free Fire tournaments. The passive skill allows you to track the enemy's position for up to 12 seconds every time it hits an enemy.

Needless to say, information about the enemy's location will give you a huge advantage in battle. Awaken Moco is the best character in Battle Royale FF at the moment.


Battle Royale FF

Awaken Hayato's passive skill gives you additional armor penetration and reduced damage for every 10 percent of lost HP. The skill only makes you stronger when your HP is low, which can turn the tide of many 1v1 fights.

Using Hayato in Battle Royale FF will allow you to survive longer in the zone. Your movement speed also gets better.


Battle Royale FF
Battle Royale FF

Shirou is a favorite character for many shotgun users because of his passive skills. Every time you get shot, the enemy will be tracked for 8 seconds.

Additionally, the next shot at them will gain 100 percent armor penetration. Combined with a powerful shotgun like the M1887, you'll be able to shoot enemies easily.


Battle Royale FF

Awakened Kelly is just a staple character at this point for all players. He is free-to-play and his ability provides additional mobility without any conditions, plus a little bonus damage.

Kelly is a character that you must include in every character combination in Free Fire, even for battles in Battle Royale FF.

DJ Alok

Battle Royale FF

DJ Alok is the most popular character on the Free Fire roster. His skill in the game “Drop the Beat” is one of the most versatile abilities too. This ability creates a 5 meter zone around him which increases the team's movement speed by 15 percent.

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Battle Royale FF

Skyler is a popular character with an active skill called Riptide Rythm. His abilities can be disastrous if used properly, as he can destroy enemy gloo walls.

His ability releases sonic waves that destroy 5 gloo walls within 50 meters with a CD period of 60 seconds.

What's more, when the gloo wall was deployed by Skyler, he started healing himself starting at 4 points. Range is increased to 100 meters and CD period drops to 40 seconds at max level.

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Those are some of the best characters to use in Battle Royale FF in Season 25. Don't push rank with the wrong character!

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