The 5 Best Xiao Teams in Genshin Impact 2022

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Recent Updates Genshin Impact patch 2.7 has been out for over a week, bringing with it a banner replay for Xiao's team in Phase I with Yelan.

Xiao has been one of the best Anemo DPS since his debut on the Genshin Impact roster. The selfish Vigilant Yaksha relies on his Elemental Burst to deal maximum damage to enemies. 

However, Xiao is a glass cannon that can be easily interrupted when he casts any ability and is also unable to generate enough particles for himself. Hence, Xiao's team needed someone who could best support him.

Team Xiao's Most GG List

The composition of Xiao's team is quite specific. If players want to get the most out of Xiao, they will need a 'battery' character most of the time to make sure Xiao always has Elemental Burst ready to throw. Here is a list of the 5 best Xiao teams in Genshin Impact:

Sucrose + Bennett + Fischl

Team Xiao

This is the composition of a friendly Xiao F2P team that mother Xiao can use the most in both the Overworld and the Spiral Abyss.

Sucrose can also complete Thrilling Tales of Dragons to further enhance Xiao with perfect team rotation.

Bennett will keep everyone healthy and Fischl will deal additional Electro damage. Genshin Impact players can also equip Fischl with the 4-piece Tenacity of Millelith to take advantage of the artifact set bonus.

Sucrose + Diona + Rosaria

Team Xiao

Players can choose Double Cryo's team composition for Xiao if they don't have Zhongli. Genshin Impact players can use Diona as multipurpose support for this team.

Diona will provide shields, healing, and can also produce several particles for the whole team if equipped with the Favonius Warbow. Rosaria, as a secondary Cryo character, will activate Cryo resonance, giving Xiao an additional 15 percent Crit-Rate when dealing damage to enemies hit by Cryo.

Sucrose + Bennett + Xiangling

Team Xiao

Instead of Double Cryo, players can also choose Double Pyro's team composition for Xiao, which will activate Pyro resonance, giving the entire party an additional 25 percent ATK.

This special composition greatly relieves Bennett to provide constant healing and particles for the entire team.

Xiangling can pair her abilities with Sucrose's crowd control to spin Pyro and reduce enemy Pyro resistance, thus dealing more damage.

If Xiao continues to be distracted during his Elemental Burst, players can trade Xiangling for Thoma which will provide protection for a considerable amount of time.

Xiangling is a great DPS sub due to their elemental skills which act as a brilliant avenue for near constant pyro applications.

Paired with Xiao's attacks, you'll be causing elemental spin reactions more often than not, which is a great way to keep enemy health at bay.

The real benefit of carrying Xiangling comes due to the elemental resonance she provides, which we'll get to later, but as a standalone source of DPS that you can draw on occasionally, she's a great choice!

Raiden + Zhongli + Bennett

Team Xiao

Xiaoden's composition is one of the best and most underrated team compositions where players run Xiao and Raiden together as a team double carry. Raiden will serve as a sub-DPS, but will also recharge Elemental Burst for Xiao and the rest of the party as battery.

While Bennett buffed and healed the party, Zhongli provided a powerful shield and crushed enemy resistance.

Players can also use the 4-piece Tenacity of Millelith with Zhongli to get an additional ATK buff. The last two places in this comp are very flexible, so players can add any other characters they want.

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Jean + Zhongli + Albedo

Team Xiao

Double Geo with Jean is one of the best and most comfortable team compositions for Xiao. Jean can provide healing and use some of his crowd control abilities to help Xiao.

If the 4th constellation of Jean is unlocked, he can also destroy the enemy's Anemo defense, which is a huge buff for Xiao.

Albedo will deal a ton of additional Geo damage and Geo resonance will increase Xiao's damage as well. Overall, this team is very solid and checks all the boxes to build the best team with Xiao. The only downside to this is that it is quite expensive to build with all characters being 5 star units.

Not only can he apply healing over time with his skills and massive bursts of healing with their explosions, but they're easy to use and can be obtained early.

As a bonus, his elemental skills are a nice touch for Xiao, dealing some extra ranged damage to those close to him.

While a good build is of course the key to maximizing Xiao's presence, a great team composition is also important.

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Because of that, we have created this guide for the team xiao our best so you can choose the best character to complement their playstyle, as well as f2p friendly options for those without stacked rosters.

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