5 Best Pistols in PUBG Mobile, Suitable for Complementary Weapons!

best gun in PUBG Mobile 2021

Guns can sometimes save your life and can help you overcome some panic situations. In this article we have summarized 5 the best gun in PUBG that you have to use when you are in a desperate position.

Pistols are one of the most underrated weapons in PUBG Mobile, where AR and SMG are preferred. But a gun can save your life and has quite high damage during close combat.

Not all players often use a gun. If you use pistols as an alternative and a complement to weapons, here are the 5 best pistols in PUBG Mobile version VCGamers, don't miss any!

List of the Best Pistols in PUBG Mobile



P1911 uses 45ACP ammunition which has a higher bullet penetration rate than other types of ammunition. Therefore, it has higher base damage. This gun holds 7 to 12 bullets per load.

This gun offers only one firing mode, i.e. only single mode. Therefore, this weapon is only effective in the early stages of the game when the enemy has not finished looting. But this weapon has attachment slots for additional magazines, holographic/red dot scopes, and silencers.



This gun has quite low base damage. But the mag can hold 17 – 25 bullets per load. Moreover, this gun offers a full-auto shooting mode to make the DPS higher. You should always carry it in the gun weapon slot to survive when your main and secondary weapons run out of ammo.


Sawed Off

Sawed-Off is the only PUBG Mobile shotgun categorized under gun type. Sawed-Off can function as the S686, but its base damage is higher due to the shorter barrel. The base damage of this gun is 80HP per hit which is the highest damage point in this weapon category.

In addition, this gun only has one attachment slot for the choke. You may only use Sawed-off in the early stages of a match. Sawed-Off can only accommodate 2 bullets per load and the reload duration is also long.

Desert Eagles

Desert Eagles

Desert Eagle has a high base damage point of 62HP per hit. Therefore, you can take down an enemy with a level-3 helmet in two shots to the head. If the enemy is wearing a level-1 helmet, one headshot is enough to finish him off. That's why the Desert Eagle is one of the best pistols in PUBG Mobile to date.

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The Desert Eagle is the weapon that is preferred over other pistols even though it has a high recoil and a low rate of fire.

In addition, the Desert Eagle's effective range is up to 100 meters but it is more useful and powerful in face-to-face combat or indoor combat. Like the P1911, this pistol also uses 45ACP ammunition.



This is the best gun in PUBG Mobile in 2021 that can be used as a submachine gun. This gun has many advantages, such as fully automatic firing mode, large ammo capacity, and more attachment slots.

You can use a foregrip to make it more stable and reliable. The scorpion also has a slot for an extended magazine to increase the number of rounds per load from 20 to 40.

Apart from that, you can also install sight/red dot holograms, silencers, and stocks. The Skorpion's maximum effective range is 500 meters. Hence, it is more useful in the first zone and the last zone. You can use it as a secondary weapon in close combat at PUBG Mobile.

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So, those are the 5 best pistols in PUBG Mobile version VCGamers which can be substitutes for AR and DMS weapons. All players on PUBG Mobile may rarely use a gun in battle.

However, the gun has a function as an alternative weapon that is very effective at killing enemies at close range. Even more so if the main weapon runs out of bullets. So, of the 5 guns that we recommend above, which one is better in your opinion?

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