5 Best Rusher Characters in Free Fire, Make Enemies Panic!

rusher character ff

For most players Free Fire, it is more important to get kills than to win. There are lots of rusher characters in Free Fire that can be used in battle.

With this character, vicigers friends can get lots of kills and win Booyah. It can even make your enemies panic.

Many players in Free Fire like an aggressive playing style to get more kills in matches. This is a very risky play style because you can die quickly.

Having the right rusher character will help you in this situation by using the rusher character's abilities.

Having the right combination of rusher characters will significantly increase your chances of winning the battle.

In this article, we will show you the best rusher characters in Free Fire for aggressive players like you.

Free Fire's Best Rusher Character

Hayato Awaken

The first rusher character is Hayati Awaken which is perfect for those of you who are very aggressive playing in FF. Hayato's abilities make you deal more damage and increase your defensive skills every time your HP drops, that's what happens in every battle.

This will give you many advantages over enemies in face to face combat. That's why Hayato Awaken is always listed in the top passive skills for rusher characters in Free Fire, regardless of the new characters added after each recent update.



Alok is able to create a circle with a diameter of 5 meters around him, which gives 5 hp/sec and 15 percent movement speed for 10 seconds.

Alok has always been one of the best rusher characters in Free Fire because of his active OP skills. He can heal you for up to 50 HP along with a huge movement speed increase, making you much more difficult for enemies to deal with.

Alok's character is indeed better used as a leader in a team in FF. His character is very suitable to be the opponent's bait and kill the enemy in seconds.

Moco Awaken

This Rusher character is able to kill enemies that are shot for 5 seconds. Extend the duration to 6.5 the longer they move.

Moco is universally used among all pro players in Free Fire just because the skills are too good. Knowing the enemy's location will give them many strategic advantages and prevent them from escaping. This is one of the strengths of the Moco Awaken character.


After Otho eliminates an enemy, the positions of other enemies within 50 meters of the eliminated enemy will be discovered for his teammates.

Otho is one of the newest rusher characters in Free Fire. Otho's skills are especially good in Battle Royale Squad mode. Knowing the location of the teammates you recently defeated will help you make a better decision to survive.

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When using weapons, Jota can hit enemies and recover some HP for the user, knocking down enemies will be faster using this one character.

You must already know this character, right? One of the FF characters that comes from an action film actor from Indonesia and is already worldwide. Of course, it's not impossible anymore if Jota is the best rusher character in Free Fire.

Jota recently got a buff and his skill now works with all weapons. On top of that, it also lets players kill enemies quickly, and gives you a bit more support during battle.

However, the best part about the skill is that you will get 20 percent instantly after you kill an enemy.

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Characters in Free Fire are very helpful in battle. Choosing a character is also an important thing to consider so that teammates can Booyah together.

Each character has different skills. However, the skill of the rusher character in Free Fire is used more often to get more kills.

Those are our recommendations regarding the best rusher characters in the Free Fire game that you can use to kill more enemies. Choose one of the characters above and get more kills in the Free Fire game.

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