Top 5 Best Characters To Combo With Skyler In Free Fire OB32

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Skyler is the current META character in Free Fire, which contributed to many pro matches. Here are the best characters to combo with Skyler in OB32.

After the re-update of Chrono in OB31, people stopped using the character and only used Gloo Waal.

This leaves an active skill slot open and the best candidate for that is Skyler. His ability destroys Gloo Walls, allowing players to attack or flank enemies.

At base level, Riptide Rhythm will release sonic waves forward, damaging 5 Gloo Walls within 50 meters, and there is a cooldown of 60 seconds after each use.

Additionally, each Gloo Wall the user uses will result in a healthy recovery starting at 4 points.

In this article, VCGamers will show you the 5 best characters to combo with Skyler in Free Fire OB32.

Best Character To Combo With Skyler


Combo With Skyler

D-Bee's ability is probably one of the best skills to have if you are a rusher. At max level, you'll get 15 percent movement speed and 35 percent accuracy when they move and fire at the same time.

This allows you to move around with the SMG and attack enemies at lightning speed.

The movement speed bonus stacks up with Alok's and Chrono's skills as well, which can increase the user's speed even further. D-Bee is suitable for combo with Skyler on the OB32 update.

Unlike many skills in Free Fire, D-Bee's ability works on all weapons, so you don't have to worry about changing weapons. The only drawback of this skill is that it is a bit difficult to get used to it.

Bullet Beats D-bee will increase movement speed and accuracy by 5 percent and 20 percent in Free Fire if you move while shooting in game.


Combo With Skyler

Dasha's ability to overcome the recoil problem that is often experienced by players when rushing. This reduces recoil buildup on weapons, allowing you to control their fire more easily.

The extra components to reduce damage from falling also work quite well in the Sniper build. You can immediately jump down from the point of view without having to worry about taking damage. This skill is good among passive skills for snipers and fits well in combos with Skyler.


Combo With Skyler

Jota's capabilities are much easier to use now than in previous versions. This skill now heals players when they hit enemies with bullets instead of after killing.

This skill gives Jota users an advantage in immediate duels. In combo with Skyler, you will be able to generate a lot of HP in battle.

Using Jota's Sustained Raids ability, the individual recovers some health when you knock enemies out with a weapon. In addition, you get 10 percent health back after killing an enemy.


Combo With Skyler

Nairi is another character in Free Fire that revolves around the Gloo Wall. The ability allows you to heal Gloo Walls over time while dealing extra damage to enemy Gloo Walls with AR.

Having this skill allows you to fight enemy shields more effectively while improving your own Gloo Wall construction.

While the damage bonus only works on AR, Gloo Wall's healing is more than enough to combo with Skyler in Free Fire.

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Combo With Skyler

Overall, Hayato's skills were too good in duels. With passive Bushido, Hayato users can get up to 90 percent armor penetration on their shots (based on HP). The combo with Skyler is quite good with her skill, which destroys the Gloo Wall to force an aim duel.

This allows Hayato users to come out on top in duels even in the late game. You can even awaken the skill to build melee with Kla's passive skill.

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Those were the five best characters that can be comboed with Skyler in the Free Fire OB32 update. For Vicigers friends who have the best combo with Skyler, try to share it in the comments column!

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