Best Aurora Gameplay Tips in Mobile Legends 2022

Aurora builds

As an Aurora user, you need to use the best Aurora gameplay tips here Mobile Legends 2022.

Aurora is a mage hero in Mobile Legends who has the ability to deal massive burst damage to her opponents.

He is a typical hero stack and burst damage where he can kill his enemies quickly, with just one combo skill attack.

You need a proper game plan for a hero to win any battle.

This Mobile Legends guide covers the best Aurora gameplay which is perfect for her in the early game, mid game and late game.

Aurora MLBB 2022 Gameplay Tricks

This one hero is easy to use. All the skills possessed by this hero do not require high Instinct, let alone finger speed, just get close to the opponent and then press the skill button, the target will be killed.

Early Game

Aurora Gameplay
Early Game

Aurora's gameplay in the early game is cleaning the minions in the mid lane and poking enemy heroes when the opportunity arises. The damage is quite high in the early game and the range of skill 1 is very long so don't be afraid to poke. Don't try to kill if you are alone.

Give the blue buff to the assassin or main mage, just take the buff with a tank/support if no one takes it. He's very slow at farming so it's better to get gold by clearing minion waves.

Never go anywhere alone throughout a game, always with at least one teammate.

The role of this hero in the team is really needed, the team can lose if you play as you like. The focus of this hero game in the early game is to protect the turret on Mid Lane from being destroyed, playing in bars and helping the team that is in war.

Mid Game

Aurora Gameplay
Mid Game

Gameplay Aurora must buy core items first before mid game. After getting the core item, you want to continue to help in teamfights. Before joining a teamfight, make sure the enemy assassins aren't targeting you, and keep your distance from the front line.

Help slow down enemies while keeping a safe distance and use ultimate with Freeze when enemies gather.

The best strategy is to hide in the bushes with teammates, wait for the approaching enemy, freeze with skill 2 and let your teammates finish them off.

Use skill 1 or ultimate only when needed. Casting skills in the bushes also releases enemies from targeting them unless they go into the bushes.

Late Game

Aurora Gameplay
Late Game

At this time the enemy assassin might attack from behind and target you first so be aware and be prepared with skill 2 + Freeze.

In the late game, you want to have the maximum freeze energy charge at all times and you shouldn't expose yourself on the map by hiding in the bushes most of the time when your skills are on cooldown. Only seen when casting spells during team fights.

Late game is the most vulnerable phase for him, because he is very squishy without the protection of teammates and can never win 1 on 1 against anyone other than squishy heroes.

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Never push alone throughout the game, especially late game because Aurora's clear minion is quite slow, and the enemy sees it as an easy target. Always with teammates and always there during team fights.

In this phase you cannot play barbarians and appear on the mini map even though you are alone.

Overall, playing with him has a big impact especially when the enemy is stuck in the Frozen state. As long as you play it safe, keep your distance, and are always present in every team battle, Aurora won't let you down.

Make sure your passive skill is active, approach your opponent then use skill two then use the ultimate skill and the last is skill one. By using this combo skill, it is guaranteed that the target will be killed immediately.

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That's all we have for today's Aurora Mobile Legends gameplay guide. Hope you have fun using Aurora gameplay now!

Would you prefer to use it some other way? Let us know in the comments section below! If you want to read our other Mobile Legends articles, keep visiting VCGamers every day.

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