Always Type "Lee", Myanmar Player Why?

lee meaning

Hola Vicigers! For players Mobile Legends: Bang Bang must be familiar with the word "lee” mobile legends (ML). This often comes up while playing Mobile Legends.

However, even so there are still some who do not understand the meaning of this word. There are even those who say or type this word but don't know what it means. However, what we know is that this word is a bad word or a word of ridicule.

For those of you who don't know or like to use this word but don't know what it means, come on see what the word "" really meanslee” this.

The Meaning of the Word "Lee"

So actually this word is not from Indonesian, but from another country and you can say that this word really means bad.

The meaning of this word can be interpreted as weak. This word often appears to players mobile legends which can be said to be not good at playing or this word is often said for players who are a deep burden team. However, lately this word it rarely shows up while playing mobile legends.

The meaning of this word in the game mobile legends itself is useless, uncontributed, or incompetent. Or it can be interpreted simply that is weak.

But it turns out that this word comes from the Burmese or Burmese languages. This word is a harsh word and there are several variations when added to other words.

If we look at other sources such as youswear. com, it turns out that this word is a word slang phrases or an expletive in Myanmar that means that di*k.

There are some people who think that this word does not come from the Burmese language. The meaning of this word turns out to be “male genitalia”. This word is indeed harsh and is often expressed to people who are not liked.

So the meaning of this word is "male genitalia" which enters the language slang or slang. This word is often used by Myanmar players when playing mobile legends.

So this word is a harsh word and it turns out that this word also has variations. For example, there are words “lee mwe, “lee sote”, “ngan lee”, “ngar lee”, and others.

The origin of this word is from the experience of Indonesian players who feel that almost the average Myanmar player cannot play or is even bad.

So many players with the Myanmar flag are labeled negatively. Many players are AFK, often feeders (ATM), greedy buff, and others.

So this word is often used tobullying the Myanmar players with this word. Although it appears that such a view is a fact Burmese Ghouls actually able to provide a good game in the MPL event Invitational.

Even on social media pro player Myanmar also often appears this word. You need to know that the EVOS team lost against Myanmar.

It's sad that even though they were able to beat EVOS in that event, the majority were connoisseurs Mobile Legends game in Indonesia still do not think they are great. Even worse, there are many comments on social media or the Burmese Ghouls instagram with the words “lee”.

For those of you who are curious or who just use this language, now you know that this language is impolite to say or type.

Better Terms Not Disclosed

There are other terms in the game as well mobile legends other than the word "lee”, ie there is a term bkb, afk, noob, nerf, melee, op, mobalog, hyper carry, and other.

There are other wordslee MM” this word is often said to weak players. Lee Mmini stands for Lee Myanmar.

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Besides that Lee MM can also be interpreted as a mockery for players who use role marksman who are incompetent when carrying out internal actions and reactions games.

So the conclusion of the word "lee” this is the language used on player Myanmar has skills bad or noob. For those of you who play mobile legends it is hoped that they can be better and wiser in using language so as to create a professional image that is virtuous, dignified, and cultured.

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