All Guides About Cherry Blossoms in Minecraft

Minecraft Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms are a type of plant first introduced in Minecraft 1.20. Like in the real world, this plant is also pink.

They have curved branches with a unique animation where you can see the flower petals from this tree falling to the ground.

This article will discuss everything guide for Sakura flowers in Minecraft. For those of you who are interested in this typical Japanese flora, let's follow the article until the end!

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How to Plant Cherry Blossoms in Minecraft

Minecraft Cherry Blossoms
How to plant cherry blossoms. Source: Eyecraftmc/Youtube

Even though you can only find this flower exclusively in the Sakura biome, that doesn't mean you can't plant it elsewhere.

To plant it, you need a sapling from a Sakura tree. How to get it?

The method is very easy, because you have a big chance of getting this tree sapling by damaging its leaves.

To grow Sakura, you need an open space measuring 5×5 with 8 blocks above the tree sapling so it can grow.

The total blocks you need for the Sakura tree to grow is 9 blocks including the saplings.

You don't need to make a horizontal distance at the base of the tree because saplings planted 1 block deep can still grow without being obstructed by tree trunks or leaves.

To plant cherry blossom tree saplings, you can use several types of soil in the following list:

  • Dirt
  • Grass Blocks
  • Coarse Dirt
  • Podzol
  • Mycelium
  • Rooted Dirt
  • Moss Blocks
  • Farmland
  • Mud
  • Muddy Mangrove Roots
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Blocks and Items That Can Be Obtained From Sakura Trees

Minecraft is known to have various block variants and types of items that you can get from various locations in this game.

Apart from collecting items from mobs or chests, you can also get interesting items from Sakura trees. Anything? here is the list!

Sakura Leaves

Minecraft Cherry Blossoms - Leaves
Sakura flower leaves. Source: Eyecraftmc/Youtube

Leaves have many uses in Minecraft, including as raw material to increase the compost level by 1 with a chance of 30%.

To harvest Sakura leaves, you can use Shears. Shears are equipment used to obtain several organic blocks.

Sakura Wood Trunk

Minecraft Cherry Blossoms - Wooden log
Sakura log. Source: Eyecraftmc/Youtube

The logs themselves are organic blocks that you can find in trees or giant mushrooms. This item is usually used as building material or to make wooden boards.

Apart from Sakura, there are 9 other types of logs in Minecraft, namely oak, fir, birch, forest trees, acacia, black oak, mangrove, Crimson Mushroom and Warped Mushroom.

You can harvest tree trunks using any equipment, including using your bare hands.

Sakura Tree Board

Minecraft Cherry Blossoms - Wooden plank
Sakura wood plank. Source: Eyecraftmc/Youtube

To make a board from a Sakura tree, you only need to collect one of the four main ingredients, namely Cherry Log, Stripped Cherry Wood, Stripped Cherry Log or Cherry Wood.

Open the 3×3 crafting menu and place one of the four items in the left column at the top.

Cherry Blossom Child

Minecraft Cherry Blossoms - Saplings
Cherry blossom child. Source: Eyecraftmc/Youtube

As explained above, you have the opportunity to get Sakura tree saplings when you damage their leaves.

Sakura Twig

Minecraft Cherry Blossoms - Twigs
Sakura Twig. Source:

Just like how to get tree saplings, you have a chance of getting branches from Sakura trees when you try to damage their leaves.

Peeled Sakura Wood Stems

Peeled cherry blossom stems
Peeled cherry blossom stems. Source:

This tree trunk is a variation that you can get by using an ax on a certain type of tree trunk.

Keep in mind that once you have peeled them, you cannot return the trunk to its original condition.

Bee hive

Minecraft Cherry Blossoms - Beehive
Bee hive. Source: Eyecraftmc/Youtube

Lastly, you can also get beehives from various types of trees in Minecraft, including Sakura trees.

Like beehives in the real world, they are filled with honey collected by the bees. When it is full, you can harvest it.

So, that's all the information you need to know about cherry blossoms in Minecraft. How are you interested in seeing it?

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