7 Best Android Sniper Games Online/Offline

Sniper Games
Enjoying games on an Android phone at leisure is the most common hobby choice today. Some people like to play puzzle games,
others choose action games. If you are part of those who like sniper games, keep reading the article. Generally
This game genre is popular with boys. Check which are the best Android Sniper games that can be run offline from the following list.
7 Games The Best Android Snipers
Bullet Force-A Premium
If you want an uncomplicated shooting game to play on an Android phone, try Bullet Force-A Premium. This Android sniper game facilitates the fight of up to 20 players at once. These include Team Deathmatch, Gun Game, Conquest, and Free-For-All modes. Players can run this game online or offline. The graphics that are displayed are quite beautiful which will more or less enhance the sensation of playing. Provided more than 20 types of weapons to access and modify. This one game is in the Google Play Store window.
Hitman: Snipers
Is part of a selection of Android sniper games that can be enjoyed offline or online. The objective of this game is simple, the player must be able to kill the target without triggering the alarm. There are 150 mission options and various strategies for completing each mission. this game
also featuring leaderboards, sniper rifles that have not been unlocked, to hidden Easter eggs. Players are given an offer to pay for various items to upgrade abilities.
Zombie Snipers
If you enjoy watching Zombie movies or even have dreams of wanting to kill Zombies, try playing this best Android sniper game.
The main goal of the player is to kill enemies using the various weapons available. To make the game more fun, players need a type
different weapons and gadgets for each different mission. What is quite extraordinary, in this game there are also various upgrades and weapons available
free. It offers two game modes, namely campaign operation and skirmish. Skirmish Operation will pit players against other players as well as zombies. Players must defend themselves or launch attacks. Players will move up on the leaderboard when removing bullets.
Dead Trigger 2
The game with the title Dead Trigger 2 allows players to feel the sensation of fighting zombies simply from a mobile device. This is one of the best Android sniper games to play. The graphics that are presented are extraordinary so that it will add to the playing experience. For this Android version, it's a bit different because players are now offered their own hiding locations and crews who can share items. Provided a variety of missions to play. All features and weapons can now be used for free. therefore you can
play it until satisfied without paying.
Dead Plague
The graphics of this game are really very detailed which will add enthusiasm to playing it to the end. Players can also run this one game with an online connection. So the player plays a member of the strike team trying to escape from the zombie hordes on a search mission
a DNA sample that is humanity's only hope of finding a cure. There are many types of enemies to fight, including a number of very exciting epic battle options. This game also offers many types of weapons that are useful in killing Zombies.
Using dual-stick digital controls you can play it alone or online with friends. Dead Plague is very popular to be
one of the best Android sniper games to play.
PUBG Mobile
PUBG, which stands for PlayerUnknown's Battleground, is the best choice for Android sniper games which are very popular today. Competing with the Free Fire game, PUBG Mobile is a game with the battle royale genre that can accommodate up to 100 players at once. It's just that, players are not given ready-to-use weapons in hand. Each player must quickly plunder the nearest building in order to get weapons. The map presented is quite large and widespread. Every player must have a car as a means of moving from one city to another and looking for secret items. Players can play alone using Solo mode or in collaboration with several friends for Duo or Squad mode. On top of that, this game is completely free. There are a number of in-game currencies that are only used to upgrade skins.
Critical Ops
Critical Ops is a favorite sniper game choice for Android phones. The graphic display of this game is quite satisfying. Players can also run it for both online and offline modes without an internet connection. Like other shooting games, Critical Ops also presents various types of weapons, both light and heavy, to choose from. The control mechanics are pretty standard for FPS (First Person Shooter) mode. Even if it's the first time using the weapon feature, players may find it a bit difficult. However, it doesn't take long to learn to become adept at targeting enemies.
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