5 Valorant Weapons That Pro Players Often Use!

Hello Vicigers, in this article we will discuss 5 weapons Valorant which is often used by pro players. As we know, Valorant offers a lot of weapons that we can use when playing in each round. Starting from knives, pistols, to machine guns.

Valorant takes a new approach when it comes to gameplay. That includes different agents with different abilities, but crosshair accuracy and aiming are still at the heart of the game. A player must have good accuracy, weapon control, and be familiar with the point-and-shoot style to rank up in this game.

Correct mouse DPI settings and sensitivity play an important role when aiming in Valorant.

There are a total of 17 different Valorant weapons to choose from in Valorant. Players need credits each round to buy Valorant weapons in the game. Different Valorant weapons have different recoil patterns, magazine sizes, and controls.

5 Valorant Weapons That Pro Players Often Use!

  • Phantoms
5 Valorant Weapons That Pro Players Often Use!

Phantom is a fully automatic rifle that has a high rate of fire and causes significant damage. This weapon's wall penetration ability is moderate and has above average accuracy with a magazine size of 30. Because it is equipped with a silencer, this weapon is very useful when suppressing enemies.


  • 0-15m = Body 39, Head 156, Leg 33
  • 15-30m = Body 35, Head 140, Legs 29
  • 30-50m = Body 31, Head 124, Leg 26
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  • Guardian
5 Valorant Weapons That Pro Players Often Use!

Guardian is a semi-automatic rifle with a high damage per bullet rate. The Guardian is unique in being the only semi-automatic rifle with 1.5x zoom. The wall penetration ability of this weapon is high and the magazine has 12 bullets. Headshot with Guardian can obliterate enemies.

If this weapon is used by a player who has a very sharp aim, then the enemy will be easily taken down with just one bullet or what is commonly called one-tap.


  • 0-50m = Body 65, Head 195, Legs 48
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  • Vandals
5 Valorant Weapons That Pro Players Often Use!

The Vandal is a fully automatic rifle with high Damage Per Second (DPS) at any range. A headshot with this weapon can be very deadly, because with just one bullet from this Valorant weapon, it can immediately take down an enemy. Aim Down Sight (ADS) can be used on this weapon but reduces the rate of fire. The wall penetration ability of this gun is medium and has a magazine size of 25. The bullet spreads and recoils slightly on the higher side for this particular gun.


  • 0-50m = Body 40, Head 160, Legs 34
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  • Judges
5 Valorant Weapons That Pro Players Often Use!

Judge is the most expensive Valorant shotgun in the game and has the same high falloff as any other shotgun. This is a fully automatic rifle in Valorant with a magazine size of 7. Judge has very low wall penetration ability but every bullet that hits the head deals double damage. Its higher rate of fire and low spread makes for less damage per bullet compared to Bucky. This gun can be used for camping corners in defense rounds.

Damage (12 pellets)

  • 0-10m = Body 17, Head 34, Leg 14
  • 10-15m = Body 13, Head 26, Leg 11
  • 15-50 = Body 10, Head 20, Leg 8
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  • Operators (OPs)
5 Valorant Weapons That Pro Players Often Use!

Operators are Valorant's weapons that have the highest damage per bullet out of all the weapons in Valorant. The one-hit-kill nature of the weapon is probably what makes it the most expensive weapon in Valorant. The operator has a high wall penetration ability with a magazine size of 5. The scope of this weapon has 5x and 2.5x Aim Down Sight (ADS) capabilities which help it withstand tight corners and open areas on the map. The weapon has a low rate of fire but high bullet damage makes up for it.

damage :

  • 0-50m = Body 150, Head 255, Legs 120
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So, those are 5 Valorant weapons that are often used by Valorant pro players. And you also have to try the 5 Valorant Weapons earlier.

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