5 FF Items That Can Be Obtained With Diamonds In January 2022

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Garena has introduced several items Free Fire updates, whether available in the Store, Lucky Royale, or during special events. Most of the newest collections cost hundreds of diamonds and are worth buying, while you have to top up first. Different FF items have different acquisition modes.

You can find FF items and events that are currently available in the store to provide purchase options or redirect them to the event page.

Therefore, you can shop through the Free Fire store and buy if you can afford in-game collectibles.

Best FF Items January 2022

Every FF item has its own charm for every player. Even YouTubers and Facebook streamers often use it to show off to other players.

If Vicigers friends feel bored and confused about what to buy, you can buy the best recommended FF items from us. The five best Free Fire items that can be unlocked in-game using diamonds are as follows.

Demi Wings (Backpack)

Free Fire Items

Demi Wings has a special Effect (Level 3) when jumping continuously, will show the special effect of flying wings, with an aura around each wing.

A beautiful backpack skin that has a black and white wing design is available in the game now. You can get a Demi Wings backpack from the “Demi Wings Top Up” event by paying 300 diamonds.

A beautiful backpack skin will be credited to player's account as a free top-up prize. However, you have to hurry because the top-up event ends on January 27, 2021.

Thompson–Demilord Fierce

Motor Bike - Cyber Bounty Hunter

The effect of this skin is that two black feathers appear from the flames which immediately explode. Their feathers formed a Thompson-like shape, and a “Demilord Fierce” skin appeared.

This weapon has unique animations and special effects in addition to modified attributes that make the Thompson even more lethal.

Fierce Demilord Thompson is available on the Faded Wheel, which peaks the first week of February. Therefore, you can unlock Thompson's skin and other FF items using diamonds before the offline event.

Modified Attributes

  • Damage: +
  • Accuracy: ++
  • Magazines: –

Volcano Loot Box

 Motor Bike - Cyber Bounty Hunter

Special effects: The volcano-like loot box features a glowing ball of lava above its mouth and flying ash VFX.

The impressive looking Volcano Loot Box costs 399 diamonds, and you can get it from the Free Fire Store.

This skin is an exclusive skin for the Chrono series. It has a cool and futuristic shape. If you pay close attention, this skin has an unique shape. Equipped with neon light effects and a hologram at the top.

LOL emote

 Motor Bike - Cyber Bounty Hunter

Game characters laugh while holding their stomach with one hand and pointing with the other.

The LOL emote is one of the most popular Free Fire items that many content creators use in their videos and thumbnails. One can get the famous emote by paying 399 diamonds.

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Motor Bike – Cyber Bounty Hunter

Free Fire Items

This futuristic-looking bike has special effects like nitro around the silencer.

The black Cyber ​​​​Bounty Hunter Motor Skin costs 899 diamonds. This bike skin boasts a neon blue and purple luminous line flow design. The nitro-like VFX is a welcome addition to an already fantastic design.

It has a very nice color combination of black, purple and blue. It has a futuristic shape and neon light effects in almost the entire body of the motor, guys.

Anyway, this one FF item is a must for you to get. Besides that, on the back of the motorbike exhaust, later there will be a fire effect that shoots backwards like NOS, bro, that's right?

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So, those were 5 FF items that you can buy with diamonds in January 2022. If Vicigers friends don't have enough diamonds, you can top up at VCGamers. We provide low prices and lots of discounts!

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