5 Best Mage Heroes that Can Be Used as Hyper Carry, Must Try!

5 Best Mage Heroes that Can Be Used as Hyper Carry, Must Try!


hello buddy Vicigers, Hero mage is known for its deadly damage in the early game.

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During the late game they are also able to provide enormous burst damage. Here are five mage heroes who have great damage and can be used as hyper carry.

Intrigued by the hero? Let's just check below.

Hero Mage that can be used as a Hyper Carry

1. Kimmy

5 Best Mage Heroes that Can Be Used as Hyper Carry, Must Try!
Source : UHDpaper

Kimmy is given great damage in the early game and a wide range of skills. Kimmy also has a very fast cooldown skill compared to other mage heroes.

His ability also supports chasing or escaping enemy heroes very easily.

2. Harleys

Source : UHDpaper

This harley hero is quite popular in Mobile Legends. because, Harley has a very deadly fighting ability. Moreover, Harley has a combo skill that can provide enormous burst damage.

This really supports Harley to be able to push turrets and kill enemy heroes very easily.

3. Kagura

Source : UHDpaper

Kagura is one of the mage heroes who has great damage in the early game and late game. Kagura is also given a very deadly crowd control skill.

Because Harley has a passive skill that can give a stun effect for one second and a slow effect of 60%.

4. Lunax

Source : UHDpaper

This mage hero is known to be very agile and difficult to lock. In fact, in the early game Lunox deals enormous damage thanks to the Dreamland Twist passive skill.

Lunox is also provided with the ability to give minions very quickly.

5. Harith

Source : UHDpaper

Harith also has great damage and is difficult to kill. he is also given a passive skill which can make him immune to enemy CC.

Of course, with the advantages Harith is very capable if used as a hyper carry.

So, those were Vicigers, five mage heroes that can be used as hyper carry. How, interested not to try it? Thank you, hopefully useful.

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