5 PUBG Attachments You Must Know!!

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There are so many attachments PUBG different to choose from. Oftentimes, players who are new to playing PUBG will find it difficult to determine the best PUBG attachments that they should use on their weapons. There are a total of 40 pubg attachments in the game and all are divided into 5 sections.

Each of these pubg attachments can improve your weapon in many ways, accuracy, composition, and also easier to use. J

If you have a weapon and you see an attachment that can be installed on your weapon, then wear it because whatever you find will definitely help you in-game. Here are all the pubg attachments that you should know about.

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1. Muzzles

PUBG Muzzle Attachments

The first pubg attachment is muzzle. Muzzle is the front end of the weapon where the bullet will come out. Proper muuzzle is critical for accuracy as it is the final point of contact between the barrel and the bullet.

Chokes (SG)

Choke as a relatively common option found on the Map, this pubg attachment reduces the spread of shotgun pellets by 25%, creating a tighter shot for greater effective range.

Duckbills (SG)

Duckbill It is very important to reduce the dispersion of the 20% bullets, you can change the pattern of the shot so that the shotgun pellets will spread a greater vertical distance and a narrower horizontal distance, increasing the chances that more shotgun pellets will hit a standing target.

Flash Hider

Flash Hider doesn't completely eliminate muzzle flash, but it does reduce it significantly with the added benefit of slightly reduced vertical and horizontal recoil.

This pubg attachment is useful for hiding the direction of your bullets. Makes it difficult for opponents to find shooters via long-range flash hiders, especially in rainy or foggy conditions.


The most difficult pubg attachment to find because it is very OP for a muzzle. This suppressor can suppress sound and also in terms of visuals so this utilization is certainly good for tricking opponents.


Compensator is a pubg attachment with a baffle that directs the muzzle gas in an attempt to float a truce which is done like the use of AKM. This is to reduce recoil when using the pubg attachment.

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2. Sights

Sights Attachment PUBG

Sight is the second pubg attachment, its function is certain so that we can see the opponent further and also hit the desired target more. It would be nice for you to adjust the weapon and scope used so that it makes it easier for you to shoot and aim.

Red dot Sight

An open Holo View can project a red dot in the center of a glass or acrylic panel. This also speeds up the time it takes to aim the sights up to the 20%.

Compared to the Holographic Sight, the Redhot Sight has a smaller frame, although the reticle is slightly blurred.

Holographic Sight

The holographic is very sharp with a sharp reticle, although the large frame can mitigate some situational comparisons with the red dot.

Recommended for close combat. The reticle brightness can be adjusted by rotating the mouse wheel, and the color is changed between green or red by the zeroing button.

2X Aim Point Scopes

While this scope appears unremarkable in terms of zoom and reticle, the reticle allows the user an improvised method of finding the distance – a person standing 100 meters away will fit perfectly between the top and bottom of the outer circle, and a person standing 200 meters away will fit perfectly. between the center point and the outer circle.

3X Backlit Scopes

The 3x scope is more complex than the 2x and 4x scopes. The reticle can be used as a rangefinder for targets between 100 meters and 400 meters by using the target's shoulder width and matching it to a horizontal line.

4X ACOG Scopes

The ACOG scope allows the user to aim at targets at medium to long distances. With a sniper weapon and 4x zoom, the ACOG Scope is one of the most useful pubg attachments that players can find, because it is highly recommended to pick it up, even if you don't have a suitable weapon.

6X Scopes

Scope 6x is the most difficult pubg attachment to find, Scope 6x is very suitable for weapons that are included in the DMR or sniper rifle category. The reticle is also equipped with a stadiameter suitable for targets standing between 300 and 800 meters.

8X CQBSS Scopes

This CQBSS is a must have for anyone who wants to attack targets at long distances. This is ideal for weapons with high muzzle velocities as gravity compensation and bullet velocity are not required as much as for weapons with slower muzzle velocities.

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3. Foregrips

Foregrip Attachments PUBG

If you want zero recoil, use the pubg attachment, this one can be used when you want to balance your weapon and of course it's more tactical when shooting. You better look for this pubg attachment carefully and well.

Half Grips

The half grip can reduce vertical and horizontal shots by a small amount. Improves balance better, with weapon stability and pretty good sway. It is therefore ideal for weapons with a high rate of fire in close combat.

Angled Foregrip

The Angled Foregrip reduces horizontal recoil with increased sway and slightly improves the recoil animation of the weapon itself. Therefore, it is best suited for weapons with a high rate of fire or heavy horizontal recoil, and in close combat.

Light Grips

The Light Grip is the only grip that doesn't affect the vertical or horizontal recoil multiplier directly, instead reducing the recoil animation and weapon shake. Thus it is suitable for weapons that have strong recoil animation but low camera recoil.

Laser Sight

Laser Sight is a pubg attachment that reduces bullet deviation that occurs during hip-fire and aims at targets, making it a suitable attachment for running and shooting moments.

The laser itself can only be seen at close range and is visible only to the user. Because it occupies the lower weapon slot, the foregrip cannot be attached to a weapon using the laser sight at the same time.

Vertical Grips

Vertical Grip reduces the vertical recoil by 15% and the recoil pattern by 20%. As such, it is best suited for guns with high vertical recoil or for long range scapes where precision is more of a concern over shot volume.

Thumb Grips

Thumb Grip reduces the pattern of recoil and weapon shake by 20%, vertical recoil by 5% and reduces the time needed to aim the sight by 30%.

The grip is therefore ideal in conjunction with a firmer scope, as reduced shake allows for easier shot placement and increased Speed ADS.

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4. Magazines

PUBG Attachments Magazines

This one PUBG attachment pretty much allows you to reload weapons faster and also increases the amount of ammunition you have stored in one magazine at a time.

Extended Quickdraw Mag

This attachment increases the magazine capacity of the mounted weapon, as well as reduces the time required to reload, allowing for a greater amount of firepower overall.

Quick Draw Mag

This attachment reduces the time needed to reload the weapon used by the 30%.

Extended Mag

This attachment increases the magazine capacity of the attached weapon, allowing 10 more shots to be fired before needing to be reloaded.

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5. Stocks

PUBG Stock Attachments

The last pubg attachment is stock, of course you have to use this attachment because the benefits are very good for weapon stability.

Tactical Stock

Tactical Stock, can only be used on M416, Vector, MP5K, Mk47 and M16A4. The sheer number of effects it provides makes it a great complement to any weapon capable of wielding it.

Bullet Stock

Increases reload speed by 30% on the mentioned weapon.

Cheek Pads

Pads (Cheek Pads) reduce vertical by 20% and first shot recovery time. Reduces vertical recoil by 20% and weapon shake by 15% while reducing the strength of the recoil animation by 20%.

Stock For MicroUzi

The stock attaches to the rear of the weapon, increasing stability and accuracy.

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So that's the pubg attachment that you can use. How do you go straight to the Lobby? Come on, before logging in again, you can immediately Top Up UC at VCgamers.

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