4 Amazing Functions of the Smoke Bomb, an Item that is Often Forgotten

PUBG Smoke Bombs

Aloha Vicigers! This time we will discuss the Smoke Bomb Item!! One item that is often forgotten but in fact has benefits and a very important role! What do you think? Come on! Let's see the info!

What's the function Smoke Bombs and why is it important?

Among the various kinds of weapons available in the game Player Unknown's Battleground Mobile or PUBG, make some para player often forget to exist items others like grenades

Tools throwables like grenades can be used to repel enemies in a fairly effective way. There are several types grenades Available in this game, including: Frag Grenades, Smoke Grenades, Stun Grenades, and Molotov Cocktails. 

one of a kind grenades which will be discussed at this time, namely Smoke Bombs or Smoke Grenades. Items This has the ability to emit smoke with a lot of intensity.

As one of the items which is often forgotten by PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds or PUBG players, smoked This bomb is one that you can't just forget, lol! 

To get Smoke Bombs it's quite easy, you just need to search or do looting at some point in folder. Look into several locations that may have items quite abundant.

Spelling can be used anytime and anywhere for various things such as escaping, protecting oneself, and making enemies retreat items This is one of the most important grenades for PUBG players to use.

Various kinds of functions that can be generated from Smoke Grenades this, namely:


Can be used at any time player surrounded by enemies

PUBG Smoke Bombs

In times of urgency, such as being surrounded by enemies, you can swiftly use Smoke Grenades to escape from the enemy's encirclement. 

Prepare Smoke Bombs while in that position, if you have, then throw and then run as far as possible from the direction of the enemy shot.

If you don't use Smoke Bombs to avoid attacks and sieges from the enemy, it is feared that your lives will not be saved at that moment.


Can be used to create looting be safer 

PUBG Smoke Bombs

During the game, of course you will do a search items like looting. However, with looting without paying attention to your surroundings, will get you killed suddenly

One way to work around this is to throw Smoke Grenades at the location you want loot. This method is also useful for those of you who are taking items from Airdrops that just dropped. 

The function of throwing Smoke Grenades this is to secure the area and make the enemy's view blurry so you won't be killed suddenly while you are loot items.

Can be used torevive inner friend squad

PUBG Smoke Bombs

If you guys are playing in mode squad and one of your team members needs help at the time of experiencing knockdown, this is where you will really need Smoke Grenades.

If in an urgent situation such as a friend in need revive are in an open field, you will be very obliged to use Smoke Grenades

You can justrevive it's just that you and your team members will be killed instantly by enemy attacks. 

Revive even this is actually classified as dangerous, it could be that when you come to save your friends, the enemy will be on standby waiting for your arrival. By throwing Smoke Grenades you guys can make sure that the process revive will be safe.

Can be used to attack enemies

PUBG Smoke Bombs

Besides being able to be used to escape, help when looting, and me-revive friend. Smoke Grenades This can also be used to attack enemies. 

If you already know where the whereabouts and where the enemy is hiding, you can use Smoke Grenades this is to attack them suddenly. 

Relying on a puff of smoke, the enemy will panic when thrown Smoke Grenades, this is the right time for you to attack the enemy with a hidden and sudden attack.

Those are some of the uses that can be done by Smoke Grenades, if you still think items this is trivial and deliberately forget about it when you meet, then you will regret it when the game lasts to the end.

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