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PUBG gun weapon

Aloha Vicigers! One of the most important things, but often forgotten by the players (Player Unknown's Battleground) namely Pistol type weapons.

Despite its small size, this pistol weapon turned out to be very useful-Lol for the players PlayerUnknown's Battleground or PUBG.

In its use, this weapon itself is very appropriate to be used as a weapon secondary for the players PlayerUnknown's Battleground or PUBG.

Besides being used as a backup, this weapon also turns out to have damage quite painful-lol!

This weapon is usually found at the beginning of the battle. This is useful if you suddenly meet an enemy.

However, with a bullet capacity that is not too much, this pistol type weapon will not last long throughout the course of the game.

Even though it is used as a backup weapon, you still have to know which are good and which are mediocre. Later you will be lucky if you are faced with choosing the available pistols.

Types of Gun Weapons

PUBG gun

There are several types available in games PlayerUnknown's Battleground or this PUBG. Among them, the types of weapons that are often used are R45, P92, P1911, P18C, and Scorpion.


From each of the types above, there are some that have superior strength compared to other types. One of the weapons that can be said to be the best pistol in its class, namely Scorpion.


Scorpion Pistol

One type of gun weapon that is at PlayerUnknown's Battleground game is Scorpion. This type has the ability above other types. This gun has capabilities like the P18C and even above.

Whereas for rate of fire, in this gun is lower than the P18C. However, even so, this type can be added to various kinds attachments and is able to accommodate as many as 40 rounds of bullets with additional magazines.


R45 Pistol

This is one type of pistol weapon that has damage large enough. However, aside damage-its big enough. This pistol type weapon has a very small bullet capacity of 6 rounds recoil which is quite large when shooting.

One of the drawbacks of this pistol is that it has a long reload time. This of course will be detrimental to you as player when there is a firefight with the opponent.


p92 pistol

Turning to the next type of pistol weapon, there is a type called P92. This type of weapon is a pistol that is classified as standard and less special. The recoil produced from this weapon is large enough so that the bullets spread longer.

Even so, this pistol has advantages in terms of ease of use compared to the R45.


P1911 pistol

The capabilities possessed by this type of weapon are more or less not much different from the P92 type weapon, what distinguishes it is that the P1911 has a fire mode. single shot.


P18C pistol

P18C is a type of weapon that is quite deadly besides Scorpion. With rate of fire-its height makes this weapon one of the mainstays for para player who use it. This weapon can also fire automatically.

Nonetheless, this P18C has recoil which is not that great, but back to player skills who use it. If you can use this P18C well, this weapon will feel great powerful.

How to Get a Gun

For some people who are just playing PlayerUnknown's Battleground or PUBG, you must be wondering how to get all the weapons described above.

If you are the one who needs this weapon as a backup weapon, the thing that must be done in order to find this weapon is by means looting in quite a few places it is possible to find a lot items.

Guns Are So Important

For some people, this weapon can be something very valuable. This is so because usually para player making this type of weapon a backup weapon that is very useful in any condition.

When player experience a very urgent situation, this weapon has the ability to overcome these problems.

At the start of the game, before para player getting other main weapons such as AR, SMG, or Sniper, this weapon is of course a prima donna for fans player. This weapon can make opponents knock in a shooting range under 100 m very effectively.

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