Painful Zilong Build Recommendations 2023

build zilong hurts

This time we will provide recommendations for the sickest Zilong Build in the game Mobile Legends. You can try using this build item arrangement to optimize Zilong when used in the game.

We all know, every hero certainly has its own advantages and disadvantages. This also applies to Zilong.

However, to optimize it, we need to compile the best Zilong build items. So, Zilong's potential can function optimally and support the skills he has.

Before reviewing Zilong's build, we will first review the skills this hero has.

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Skill Zilong

Zilong is a hero with a fighter role. Like heroes in general, this hero is equipped with various skills.

Zilong users certainly need to know what Zilong's skills are. This is needed by players so they can determine the right time to use this skill.

Timing is crucial in the Mobile Legends game. Because, if you make a wrong move or use the wrong skill, you can become the butt of the opposing team.

Not only that, this can also have an impact on the team's overall play.

Why is that? The answer is because we can bring the team to defeat or even if we win we will only become a burden on the team.

Rather than that, let's just see, this is Zilong's skill in the Mobile Legends game.

Passive Skill – Dragon Flurry

Zilong's passive build skill hurts
Source: YouTube/Gameplay Pro Player

Zilong's passive skill is Dragon Flurry. This skill can help you from the early game.

With this skill, you can use it to attack enemy minions. This will trigger Zilong's active passive skill so he will attack the hero behind the minion.

Skill 1 – Spear Flip

build zilong hurts
YouTube/Gameplay Proplayer

Zilong's first skill is Spear Flip. This skill allows you to attract opponents to your area.

In the early game, use this skill to attract opposing heroes into your tower area.

You can start this by waiting in the tower. Then, you need to eliminate every opponent's minion that starts to enter your area.

If the opposing hero is advancing towards you, immediately use this skill to pull them into the tower area.

With this skill, Zilong will attack the opponent for 250 (+ 80% Total Physical Attack) (Physical Damage).

Skill 2 – Spear Strike

Skill 2 Zilong
YouTube/Gameplay Proplayer

Zilong's second skill is Spear Strike. This skill will load the opponent to receive an attack in the form of 250 (+ 60% Total Physical Attack) (Physical Damage).

Apart from that, this skill will also reduce your opponent's hero's Physical Defense within two seconds and will continue with basic attack attacks on the same target.

The cooldown of this skill will later be reset when Zilong can eliminate the opponent's heroes in the game.

You can combine this skill by using 1 Zilong skill first.

Ultimate Skill – Supreme Warrior

Build Zilong is sick
YouTube/Gameplay Proplayer

Zilong's ultimate skill is Supreme Warrior. The hero you use will move faster when you use this skill. How come?

Yes, Zilong will get an additional 40% Movement Speed and Attack Speed. It doesn't stop there, the Slow effect that he is currently experiencing will also be erased for 7.5 seconds.

You can use Zilong's ultimate skill to chase down opposing heroes who are trying to escape in the Land of Dawn area. Conversely, you can also use this skill to escape from the pursuit of the opposing hero.

Not only that, Zilong's ultimate skill will also remove crowd control from the heroes you use in the game.

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The Painful Zilong Build 2023

After knowing the skills of Zilong, it's not enough if you don't know the build of the hero.

By knowing the build, the hero you use will get better when dealing with opposing heroes in the game Mobile Legends.

The following are the recommended Zilong builds for 2023:

Warrior Bots

The first item that needs to be purchased when using Zilong is Warrior Bots. This item has a unique passive - Valor which will make your hero get an additional 5 Physical Defense within three seconds when hit by a Basic Attack. The maximum Physical Damage that will be received is up to 25.

Scarlet Phantom

Zilong's next build recommendation is Scarlet Phantom. This item has a Unique Passive – Frenzy.

With this item, Critical Damage attacks will increase Attack Speed 30% and 5% Critical Chance in two seconds.

War Ax

The next recommended item is the War Ax. This item has a Unique Passive – Fighting Spirit.

This item will increase his attack by 10 Physical Attack and 2 Physical Penetration in three seconds up to 8 Stacks.

This effect will be reduced to three one additional Physical Penetration for Mage/Support/Marksman heroes. By using this, Zilong will gain an additional 15 percent Movement Speed when the Stack is full.

Haaa's Claws

The next recommendation is Haaa's Claws. This item has a Unique Passive – Insanity which will make Zilong get an additional 15 percent Physical Lifesteal when HP is below 50%.

Berserker's Fury

The next item to have is Berseker's Furry. Berseker's Fury has a unique passive – Doom which will make critical damage attacks provide an additional 5 percent Physical Attack in two seconds.

Blade of Despair

The next recommended item is Blade of Despair or BOD. With a Unique Passive – Despair, Zilong will get an additional 25 percent Physical Attack when attacking opposing heroes who have HP below 50 percent.

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