20 Download Links for BUSSID Bus Racing Mod

For those of you who are looking for recommendations for the BUSSID bus racing mod, you can get it easily by downloading it.
bussid bus racing mod (1)
BUSSID Tunggal Jaya (Source: ID Player)

For those of you who love the Indonesian Bus Simulator game (BUSSID), surely you also often use livery up to mods-his. This also includes using the BUSSID Bus Racing Mod for those of you who like racing.

As we know, this bus simulator game is very popular among BUSSID players, because one of the reasons is that this game is very easy to modify.

Some of you must also often collect BUSSID mods, right? one of them is a racing mod. This mod is very suitable for those of you who love racing.

In this Bus mod, you don't only have one model variant. Because, you can choose a number of variants.

So, for those of you who are looking for recommendations for the BUSSID bus racing mod, you can get it from this article. Anyway, just read this article until the end, okay?

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BUSSID Bus Racing Mod

bussid bus racing mod (2)
Livery BUSSID HD DX Racer Srikandi (Source: Primaradio)

The BUSSID Bus Racing mod is a bus mod that has visuals like a sports vehicle. This can be seen from the design and the flat model, complete with interior, animation, tail and many others.

As the name suggests, this BUSSID Bus racing mod is part of a vehicle with a fast speed type. You can also install a codename to increase the speed up to 500 km/hour.

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Download links

bussid bus racing mod (2)
Livery BUSSID HD Kadita (Source: Combinesia)

The following is a download link for the bus racing mod that you can use later, namely as follows:

  1. Optimus Prime Bus Racing Mod: download here.

  2. Bus Racing Avenger Mod: download here.

  3. Mod Bus Racing JB3+ Sempati Star Full Animation: download here.

  4. SR2 XHD STJ Racing Bus Mod: download here.

  5. Mod Bus Racing SR2 SDR Mod: download here.

  6. PO Haryanto Bus Racing Mod: download here.

  7. Mod Bus Racing SR2 XHD ECE R66 Putra Jaya Trans: download here.

  8. SR2 Star Bus Racing Mod: download here.

  9. STJ Aransha Bus Racing Mod: download here.

  10. STJ Racing Bus Mod Modified Rims: download here.

  11. SR2 XHD ECE R66 Bus Mod: download here.

  12. JB2+ Hino Flat Bus Mod: download here.

  13. Bus JB3+ Scania K410 Racing: download here.

  14. SR2 Racing Scania V2 Bus Mod: download here.

  15. BUSSID Hino RK 8 Racing Mod: download here.

  16. Po Haryanto Racing Bussid Mod: download here.

  17. Bussid SR2 Bintang Racing Mod: download here.

  18. Bussid JB3 Voyager Racing Mod Full Animation: download here.

  19. Mod Bussid SAN JB3+ Voyager Super Flat Full Animation: download here.

  20. Mod Bussid Medali Mas SR2 Double Decker Full Passenger: download here.
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How to Install Mod

bussid bus racing mod (4)
BUSSID Persib (Source: ByTrendz.ID)

If you are still confused about how to install this BUSSID Bus Racing mod, you can follow the steps below!

First step:

  • Open games Bus Simulator Indonesia (BUSSID); 
  • Click Mod options;
  • Choose Import;
  • Choose FileManager;
  • Search files BUSSID Bus Racing Mod that have been downloaded;
  • For Installing for free, you can Watching Ads first;
  • Once installed, click play or play.

Method 2:

    • Download MOD Map BUSSID Bus Racing on;
    • Android only, Open Application File Manager;
    • Go to section Internal Storage;
    • Search and Open Folders Downloads;
    • There is BUSSID Bus Racing Mod that have been downloaded;
    • Copy Mod BUSSID racing the;
    • Enter to BUSSID Folder;
    • Open Mods Folder;
    • Paste the BUSSID Mod file the;
    • Go out from File Manager;
    • Open BUSSID games;
    • Login to your BUSSID account;
    • Enter to Garage Menu;
    • Select Folders;
    • Wait;
    • Install;
    • Done. 
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