13 Complete Ways to Raise Rank in Mobile Legends!

How to Quickly Increase Rank Ok

Not a few game players Mobile Legends: Bang Bang quickly rank up. This time we will review the most complete way to quickly rank up in Mobile Legends.

This quick way to rank up in the game is suitable for novice MLBB players. So, it is recommended to be able to do the things in this article.

There are a number of ranks in the MLBB game. Among them, Warrior, Elite, Master, Grandmaster, Epic, Legends, Mythic and Mythical.

You certainly want to reach the highest rank in the game. Well, in order to do that, there are a number of things that need to be done.

It's not easy to rank up if you get a number of obstacles. Like, there are players who are AFK or there are players on your team who are selfish.

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For that, there are a number of quick ways to rank up in Mobile Legends; Bang Bang fast you can try. It is hoped that this summary of how to quickly rank up can also be useful for you.

This quick way to rank up can be applied to those of you who play in teams or solo. You need to try it so you can rank up in the game.

So, what are the quick ways to rank up in the game? Let's see the review.

How to Quickly Raise Mobile Legends Rank

You may need to know how to quickly rank up in the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. You need this so that you can rank up quickly with your colleagues in a team or alone.

We summarize 13 ways so that you can rank up quickly in this game created by Moonton. This is a way that you can try to quickly rank up in the Mobile Legends game:

Don't just choose a hero

Onic Butsss

The first thing you need to do when you want to quickly rank up is not just choosing a hero to use in the game.

This is very important for you. Because, the wrong choice of hero can have an impact on your game in the game.

You have to be really careful in choosing and determining what hero you will use to compete in the game.

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Select Hero Meta

role fighter meta in season 22

The next fast way to rank up is that you can choose a Meta hero in the game. This will make it easier for you to bring your team to victory.

However, you have to make sure that you choose the right hero. You can see which heroes receive buffs and nerfs in every game update.

After that, select the hero who received the buff. Because, you can use heroes as meta heroes that can bring you win in the game.

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Don't be selfish when choosing a hero

banned heroes

Don't be selfish when choosing a hero, which is something you definitely need to do in this fast way to rank up. The reason is, selfishness can appear in the game when you want to choose a hero before entering the game.

This can make you and your team lose. Because, no one wants to give in when fighting over the hero with the role they want.

Therefore, don't be selfish when choosing a hero. Communicate with teammates so they can play well according to their respective roles.

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Use Hero Counters

Baxia MLBB's Best Counter Hero

You have to see the heroes used by the opposing team. After that, choose a hero who is the counter of that hero.

Understand which hero is suitable as a counter to other heroes in the game. Don't choose the wrong hero.

You need to do this to dispel the opponent's hero that you see is quite dangerous when competing with your team.

If you don't prepare counter heroes from opposing heroes, they might be more free to mess up your team's defense. Besides that, your team might lose the game.

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Master the Hero You Use

Harith Hero Mage MLBB okay 4

You must be able to master the hero you use. How, by understanding all the skills they have.

Apart from that, you also have to know the right timing to attack or defend when using the heroes in the game.

Don't forget to choose the emblem and battle spell that are most suitable for the hero you choose in the game. Apart from that, you also need to buy the best build for the hero you are using.

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Look at the Team Composition

Fast Ways to Rank Up

You also pay attention to the composition of the heroes used in your team. This is necessary so that your game and your team can be maximized.

The heroes you use in a team must match your needs. For example, there are carry heroes, tanks and also support.

For carry, you can choose from heroes with Marksman or Assassin roles. Meanwhile for tanks you can choose a hero who has a strong defense.

You can coordinate with your teammates when you want to divide tasks in the game and choose the heroes needed to achieve victory together.

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Fast Ways to Rank Up

The next thing to increase rank faster is to play together alias mabar. With skill, you can communicate with other players on your team to share tasks when fighting in the Land of Dawn.

You will find it easier to coordinate with your teammates to determine which heroes to use in each match. Mabar will make your communication with your teammates smoother.

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Don't Play Solo Too Often

Solo Rank Lose Streak 1

You can also rank up by playing solo. However, you should not do this too often.

The reason is, this can make it difficult for you to rank up. Because you can't communicate with one team place smoothly. So, back to the previous quick way to rank up, namely Mabar.

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Choose Playtime

Fast Ways to Rank Up

So, you also have to choose the right time to play so you can quickly rank up in the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

You need to know exactly when to play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang for push rank. Because, you can benefit when you know the right time.

When playing, you have to pay attention to which players will be present in the game. Choose the best time so you can win in the game.

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The Painful Masha Build

The next quick way to rank up is by mapping. You have to be able to use the maps in the game well.

You can find out what the heroes in your team are doing by mapping. Apart from that, you will also know when a hero from your team is attacking, being attacked or being pressured.

You can determine the right steps when you know where the heroes from your team are going. This is a very important matter and needs to be of concern to MLBB players.

The trick is to slide your cellphone screen in the direction you want to go. Immediately, a display will appear in that area.

Don't give up

Fast Ways to Rank Up

You don't give up under any circumstances in the match. Because, there is still a possibility of winning or better known as Epic Comeback.

You certainly still have a number of opportunities to turn things around. Try your best to defeat the opposing heroes who are trying to beat you in the game arena.

Learn from experience

We could have lost the game. But, it would be better if we evaluate what are the things that cause it.

You can determine the right steps from the previous match. Also, don't repeat the mistakes you've made in the game.

Learn Pro Player Games

how to become a ml pro player 10 ways

The next fast way to rank up that you can do is to learn the pro player game. You can see their games on social media from the tournaments that have been held.

You can see from micro to macro the game from the pro player. Then, apply the knowledge you gain after seeing how they play.

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