10 Weapons in Video Games That Are Really Expensive in Real Life-Part I

Have you ever wondered how much it costs to get real life versions of the weapons of destruction from videos games your favourite? By definition, their weapons weren't real, but conceivable, so thejokingThis late came about thinking about owning a video gun games in real life is quite a fun thing.

Here are some rough guesses, with a caveat: these are not the results of a mathematician's calculations, the odds are high. come on, check this out!


Metroplex is the name for one of the fictional robot characters from the sequels of The Transformers, a large robot powered by an imaginary power source called Energon. The Metroplex is 192 feet high (Movoto's calculations based on relative height almost any toy), 698 feet according to one of the old Transformers booklets, or 2,600 feet tall based on the Transformers comic on a different version.

If these robots were real, we would need to find an energy source comparable to Energon, and physically build a fully equipped robot with combat base-equivalent weapons that could also walk and talk. Metroplex will require 11,091 square feet of property and cost $ 6,214,580 to build, including guns. However, that amount of money has just been for the value of the property, not including construction costs which will certainly significantly increase costs. Expensive very, yes.


para game theorists It has been conclusively speculated that a Type 1 Energy Weapon/Sword or what is commonly known as the Halo Energy Sword, the light and energy in the sword can basically be made from plasma – things made of lightning that are technically held in shape by a lightsaber by forming superheated plasma with a magnetic field.

So, how much does it actually cost to make this one weapon? No one knows for sure how much, because this weapon needs some way to isolate the plasma to maintain its shape. So, let's say a few trillion – more dollars than currently in circulation. With that kind of money, it might be better to invest in alternative sources of energy or give everyone on Earth clean water to drink. If you like humanitarian stuff like that, agree ga?


The Karma-45 is very similar to the heavily modified KRISS Vector, stock currently selling for $ 1,495. The main distinguishing feature of the Karma-45 is its double barrel design. Barrels for the KRISS Vector retail for $ 255 each, two for $ 510, so roughly $ 2000. Given that one stock is made for one barrel, a second stock may be required for the components. The result is $ 3500. Equipped with a thermal optic ($ 5,000), the Karma-45 will be around $ 8,500 for parts alone – not cheap for a submachine gun, guys.


Scientists, para scientist and physicists, feel free to laugh at and/or correct the weak speculations of these physics-based calculations. para gamers those looking to purchase a fully functional Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device (FLUDD) hypothesize that…

Devoted Nintendo fans have built a FLUDD replica for around $ 40. For cosplay purposes anyway they can make it too. But, to literally lift you into the air with water pressure alone, as FLUDD did in Super Mario Sunshine, replicants clearly have no such possibility.

The FLUDD is basically a backpack-sized version of a fire truck, with fill valves, ports disposal, and ports suck. This is jetpack fire engine. In the real world, a water-powered jetpack costs around $ 6,500. But the thing is jetpack it must be connected to a water source (eg, a lake) and a personal 180 power boat horsepower for it to work.

Inside the videos games originally, this FLUDD didn't even come with a combat-ready hose. For one thing, in the real world, the amount of water needed to lift a person into the air cannot be carried around in a backpack. Now,, confused right?


In South Park: The Stick of Truth, the dodgeball is a formidable ranged weapon. Facing 25-52 damage, with a heavy hit twice against armor and the potential to bounce off random enemies, the dodgeball is the top weapon in defense playground sophisticated. You can get dodgeballs playground standard priced around $10/gun at platforms shopping on line Amazon, reasonable expensive huh.

Now,, those were the first five guns whose stories were that if they were made in real life they were expensive very, yes. Stay tuned for the second fifth gun on part 2 coming.
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