10+ Aesthetic PP Couples Awesome Anti-Alay 2023!

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On social media, you will often find couples who use PP couple aesthetics on their profile photos.

Indeed, if we look closely, there are many couples who want to use something uniform, including for PP or Profile Picture, aka Profile Photo.

This phenomenon has also been happening for teenagers in Indonesia for a long time, many of them also use similar PP to publicize their relationships.

So, in this article we will discuss this PP couple which is widely used by lovers. Below we will recommend the most adorable PP couples that you can use with your lover.

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What is PP Couple Aesthetic?

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PP Anime (Source: Tribun Bengkulu)

Maybe there's no need to explain at length the definition of PP couple aesthetic itself.

As we know, PP couple aesthetic is a similar image or photo with a simple and unique design to be posted on social media.

These images or photos can be public figures, cartoons, anime, dramas, films and even lovers found in real life.

You will often see that this phenomenon has actually been around for a long time and is often swallowed up by the latest trends that have emerged recently.

Well, you will often find someone or a couple who uses the same PP couple on almost all their social media.

So, for what purpose do they use this similar PP couple on social media?

Many people say that using PP couple is similar to publicizing their relationship and some say it is a form of expressing their feelings.

Another reason a couple displays PP couple on social media is to represent their relationship on social media.

Apart from that, some people prefer to post information that is relevant to their current relationship, including expressed through PP couples.

By using PP couple on social media, some couples have gained satisfaction about their relationship being known by other people.

However, this also provides motivation for people who see it and have the desire to follow the PP couple on social media.

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PP Couple Aesthetic Recommendations

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PP Anime (Source: Tribun Bengkulu)

For those of you who are looking for an aesthetic PP couple, we have collected recommendations for PP that are adorable, cute and really aesthetic to use. You can download it here!

Korean Ullzang



So, those are the recommendations for several PP couple aesthetics that you can use with your lover. How about it, really funny, right?

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