How to Become an Official Higgs Domino Agent in 2023, Lots of Benefits!

The way to become an official and trusted higgs domino agent in 2023 is by registering on the tdomino boxiang application.
agent higgs dominos
Agent higgs dominoes. Source: Youtube/Kepoin IT.

Many gamers want to know how to become an agent Higgs Domino in 2023 to get lots of bonuses and benefits. 

As agents, Vicigers can sell tokens earned by playing other players. The profit that the user gets depends on the selling price of the chipset. 

The higher the price and the more tokens sold, the more profit you get. Unfortunately, according to the authorities, this act of buying and selling Higgs Domino tokens is considered gambling. 

Although Higgs Domino is a casual game, it does feature a menu to gamble for profit. Well, before you decide to play games this and becoming a higgs domino agent, make sure first that you understand this game. 

What is the Higgs Domino Agent Tool? 

agent higgs dominos
Higgs Domino. Source: Gamedaim.

Before we go into the discussion of how to register for a Higgs Domino agent. Please know in advance the official application or tool used to sell tokens. 

Therefore, the tool used is called the Higgs Domino Partner Tool. Through this application, all transactions will be carried out later. 

So guys, those who only act as agents or salesmen can earn a lot of money later. To become a reseller in the Higgs Domino Partner application, you must register as an official representative.

You can not only sell Higgs Domino chip coins through this application. You can even top up for other online games like FF, MLBB and PUBG Mobile games. Of course, Vicigers must not miss this golden opportunity.

Higgs Domino Agent Terms 

Forgot Higgs Domino Password (1)
Higgs Domino. Source: FUNDS.

The main requirement for becoming a higgs domino agent is using a telephone number with a verified account and connected to a Facebook account. 

In addition, you must complete the data, fill in the data according to your KTP, and use a working telephone number and email address. So that suppliers trust and provide opportunities for ID accounts to become Higgs Domino agents or partners.

Higgs Domino account must be upgraded to VIP membership. This is how you can send tokens to other accounts every day. In order to transfer tokens, the account must have at least 600 million. 

The daily token transfer limit depends on the VIP account level. To become a VIP member, you must insert Higgs Domino Island chips into the game with a minimum refill of IDR 10,000 and a daily transfer of 100 B tokens. 

Simply put, the higher level of VIP account you have, the more date stamp transfers you can do. 

Currently, there is no official Higgs Domino representative link, so you should make sure to choose a reliable representative or supplier with good credentials.

Apart from that, you will also work with users who offer cheap Higgs Domino chip prices and can deliver chips on time.

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How to Become a Higgs Domino Agent 2023

agent higgs dominos
Game Domino Island. Source. technoim.

For those who want to register to become an official Higgs Domino agent for 2023, follow these steps: 

  1. Please open the registration site at from browsers.
  2. Enter the mobile number in the column provided. 
  3. Then click "Get" to get a verification code.
  4. After receiving the incoming verification code via SMS, enter the verification code. 
  5. Click Enter to enter.
  6. Done.

By registering, you will become a higgs domino agent who can sell chips to other players in the game. 

On the Internet, many Higgs Domino partner applications can be used. However, among the many on the Internet, the safest and most reliable one to use is the Boxiang Partner application. In fact, the Higgs Domino Boxiang Partner application has been officially registered by the developer.

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Therefore, it is very safe to use. Don't forget, buy items, skins, vouchers and top up games cheaply, quickly and safely only at  VCGamers Marketplace yes!

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