How to Min Ethereum Easy and Profitable!

How to Mine Ethereum

You can get cryptocurrency assets like Ethereum in various ways, one of which is by mining Ethereum.

By mining, you can have the opportunity to get Ethereum and of course make a profit.

This time, VCGamers will discuss an easy way to mine Ethereum, so you can do it at home.

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Mining Ethereum

Mining Ethereum
Examples of Crypto Mining Places. Source: Tom's Hardware

Before discussing how mining, you need to know what mining or mining Ethereum is.

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Like Bitcoin mining, you can also get Ethereum by mining. So, there are various ways to get Ethereum through mining, both free and paid.

As an Ethereum miner, you are tasked with verifying proof of work or the results of all transactions that occur on the Ethereum blockchain

You can do this task using qualified hardware to run a programming language. The programming language will solve mathematical problems that are quite complex.

In the Ethereum mining process, there are miners or other miners who will validate the results of the previous task. When there are more than 51% miners confirm this number, there will be a new block.

The new block has the task of storing all verified transactions. Miners who successfully verify and create new blocks will get rewards, namely Ethereum.

Other miners will work again to find answers to other complex mathematical problems and verify them in the next block.

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How to Mine Ethereum

If Vicigers are interested and want to know how to mine Ethereum, here are the steps and guidelines for how to mine Ethereum.

Create an Ethereum wallet

Ethereum Crypto Mining Wallet
Ethereum Wallet illustration. Source: AlphaWallet

First, you must have crypto wallets to store Ethereum as mining results. If you don't have an Ethereum wallet yet, then this is the right time to create a crypto wallet immediately.

Without a crypto wallet, you cannot get prizes from mining results. Therefore, you must have a crypto wallet. The majority of Bitcoin wallets already support Ethereum storage.

Select Method

Ethereum Mining Pools
Pool mining illustration. Source: CoinMarketCap

After having a crypto wallet, you can choose a suitable mining method. There are three mining methods, namely Pool Mining, Solo Mining, and Cloud Mining.

The Pool Mining method is a very easy and fast method for beginners. In this method, you will join other individual miners.

All miners who join the pool agree that if one of them has the task of solving mathematical or cryptographic problems. After getting the reward, it will be divided equally according to hash power.

After that, there is a method called Solo Mining. This method is suitable for those of you who have large capital because this method requires a lot of GPUs that have high specifications.

Even though the results are not divided like Pool Mining, this method is mostly used by professional miners who have their own mining set.

The last method is CloudMining. Usually, you will pay someone else to mine. You will rent someone's computing power and in return, you will get rewards too.

However, you must trust the said party and there are no guarantees regarding prize payments. So, if you want to use the Cloud Mining method, you have to find a trusted platform.

Upgrade Hardware and Install Software

Crypto Mining Hardware
Hardware mining example. Source: Nanalyze

If you choose to use the Pool Mining or Solo Mining method, then you must have a qualified GPU or hardware that has a large hash power.

After that, you also have to install various mining software options, for example, ETHMiner or NBMiner via personal PC or laptop.

You also have to make sure that the software is suitable and can be used according to the OS or PC operating system.

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Select Mining Pools

Crypto illustration
Ethereum illustration. Source: Kanchanara via Unsplash

The last step you will take as an Ethereum miner is to join a trusted mining pool.

You have to pay attention to various criteria such as pool size, member fees, and minimum income.

You can join mining pools that are quite famous, such as Ethermine, 2Miners, and Nanopool.

By using a mining pool, the winner who finds the block has variability so that the available benefits or rewards can be more predictable.

Thus the discussion about what Ethereum mining is and how to do it.

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