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Terms and conditions

Tournament Organizer

  1. The Tournament Organizer is required to register and receive approval from VCGamers as a registered tournament organizer.
  2. Once registered, the Tournament Organizer can create tournament games by providing clear information and conditions and complying with VCGamers rules regarding tournaments.
  3. The Tournament Organizer must be the organizer of the tournament being held.
  4. The Tournament Organizer is fully responsible for the Tournament Participants for the proper organization of the tournament.
  5. The Tournament Organizer is required to deposit 100% tournament prizes to VCGamers to avoid unwanted things from the Organizer and Participants.
  6. Prize distribution is carried out by the VCGamers admin and sent to each event winner.
  7. For paid events, the Tournament Organizer can use VCGamers Marketplace to sell Tournament event tickets.
  8. The Tournament Organizer must inform the VCGamers Admin at least 2 days before the matchday for all forms of changes in the tournament starting from the Tournament Concept, Tournament Prizes, Tournament Rules, and Tournament Team Slots.

Tournament Participant

  1. Tournament participants must create an account on the VCGamers website.
  2. Tournament Participants must create a team in the Arena before participating in the Tournament.
  3. Tournament Participants are required to comply with VCGamers rules regarding tournaments and also the conditions imposed by the Tournament Organizer.
  4. Tournament participants are responsible for participating in the tournament in accordance with the information and conditions that apply to each tournament.

General Tournament

  1. Tournament Participants and Organizers are required to have a VCGamers account to participate in the tournament.
  2. The minimum number of participants for each tournament held in the Arena is 2 teams or 2 participants.
  3. VCGamers provides a feature in the form of a special page to display game tournaments organized by the Tournament Organizer.
  4. Each Arena user can become a Tournament Organizer or Tournament Participant in accordance with the applicable Terms and Conditions.
  5. The Tournament Organizer can create a Tournament by following the steps provided on the Arena FAQ page.
  6. The Tournament Organizer is required to complete the Tournament information and rules and submit for approval process by VCGamers.
  7. Tournament Participants can take part in tournaments available on the Arena website by following the Terms and Conditions that apply to each tournament.
  8. VCGamers has the authority to close a user's account either temporarily or permanently if it is found that there is a violation of the VCGamers Terms and Conditions.
  9. VCGamers has the right to withhold prizes or prize pool from the Tournament Organizer if the Organizer is not responsible for the Tournament made.
  10. VCGamers shall not be responsible for Tournaments conducted outside of the Arena on behalf of the Arena.