32 Most Frequently Used GTA 5 Cheat Codes!

Grand Theft Auto aka GTA is one of the giant franchises developed by Rockstar Games. For most of the connoisseurs games maybe already familiar with the fifth series of this GTA. Some of the players are often preoccupied with searching cheats GTA 5 PC. Apart from all that, in GTA 5 players can also use cheats like GTA games in general.

Talk about code cheats, actually code cheats This is indeed provided by Rockstar Games itself which aims to make it easier for players to play games the. So, for those of you who want to create chaos, destruction and commotion without fear of being chased by the police, this is where the function comes from cheat codes is at. The point is that with cheats In this game, players will freely have fun and do crazy things like making cars, weapons and even tanks just appear.

GTA 5 itself was first released by Rockstar Games in 2013. Even though you could say it's quite old, series games this one no there is death until now, games this is even still one games most popular. GTA 5 is also now confirmed to be targeted as well game consoles Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

Cheat codes The following has been tested dozens of times and you can easily activate the code using the keyboard on your PC. You don't need to worry, using cheats in the GTA 5 game is legal, how come. Curious? The following complete GTA 5 (V) PC cheats in Indonesian are worthy of your taste! Check below.

Cheat Codes GTA 5 PC Code Effects
ROCKET The cheat issued PCJ-600
TRASHED The cheat takes out the Trashmaster (garbage truck)
FUGITIVE Highest police chase level cheats (5 Stars)
HOTHANDS Super punch cheat
HOPTOIT Super jump cheat
POWERUPS Cheats fill abilities instantly
GOTGILLS Cheats swim fast
HOLEIN1 The cheat takes out a golf cart
COMET The cheat ejects a comet (sports car)
FLYSPRAY Cheat issued a fertilizer spreader plane
DEADEYE The cheat aims the weapon in slow-motion
FLOATER Moon gravity cheat
SNOWDAY The car cheat becomes slippery
VINEWOODS Cheat issued a Limousine car
SKYDIVE The cheat takes out a parachute
PAINKILLER The cheat becomes super and can't die for 5 minutes
JRTALENT The cheat selects all existing characters
TURTLE Cheat life and full armor
TOOLUP Cheats get lots of extra weapons and bullets
LAWYERUUP Lowest police chase level cheat (1 Star)
LIQUOR Drunk mode cheats
SKYFALL The cheat moves the character into space
MAKEITRAIN Cheats change the weather
BANDIT The cheat takes out a BMX bike
RAPIDGT Cheats issue Rapid GT
OFFROAD Cheat issued Sanchez (offroad motorbike)
BARNSTORM The cheat releases an acrobatic plane
BUZZOFF The cheat takes out a helicopter
CATCHME Cheats run quickly
INCENDIARY Fire bullet cheat
HIGHEX Exploding bullet cheat
SLOWMO Slow-motion mode cheats

How to use it, bro?

Well, this question is definitely what many players have been waiting for. You can use code cheats it's easy to remember its usage is more or less the same as it's used on PS3, PS4 & Xbox 360. For example, if you want to use cheat codes to activate one of the codes cheats on. While a game is in progress you press the tilde key (~) to open a command console. The next step is that you just need to input the code cheats what do you want.

Now,, that was the whole thing cheat codes which all of you can try to practice while playing GTA 5! Fear not, this action does not violate any laws how come, Hehehe. Previously, don't forget, don't miss it to always get it updates the latest and complete news about games. Starting from game reviews news, tips and tricks and so on. Straight to follow account Instagram VCGamers and channels YouTube yes. Come on! Join the community at Discord VCGamers, community gamers the biggest in Indonesia.

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